ClearFox® is exhibiting at INDOWATER 2019

ClearFox at INDOWATERAs a result of increasing demand from reliable, efficient wastewater treatment solutions for industrial and municipal projects in Indonesia – we are exhibiting at indowater 2019.

The main focus of the trade show is to exhibit our industrial wastewater treatment solutions. These include dissolved air flotation [DAF], modular biological FBR reactors, SBR systems and digestate wastewater treatment solutions. In addition we offer SBR equipment kits for installation in concrete tanks in addition to modular containerised wastewater treatment plants.

Many industries across Indonesia are now facing increased scrutiny, fines and even closure where wastewater treatment is not properly managed. Industries affected include food processors, slaughterhouses, breweries, etc.


ClearFox offers clients total security by offering process guarantees and longterm warranties with our industrial wastewater treatment plant. This removes all risk associated with the purchase of a wastewater treatment plant.

For any wastewater treatment enquiries – please contact James Clarke our International sales manager, and we will put you in touch with our local sales team.

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