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SBR Sequencing-Batch-Reactor Technology

Applicationdomesticmunicipal/ industrial
Size4 up to 50 PE>50 PE
ProductsSBR Standard
SBR packaged plant
one chamber sbr

All SBR systems are manufactured in Germany


Our unique SBR system can be installed in a single chamber tank, providing huge cost savings compared to any other SBR system on the market.

We deliver and install anywhere in the world.

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Special features are:

    • SBR equipment in kit form to install into any tank configuration (above or below ground)
    • Can be installed in tanks with 1, 2 or 3 chambers of any shape (subject to minimum volumes)
    • Systems can be installed in Concrete / GRP / Plastic tanks
    • Retrofitting kits can also be installed into existing tanks for upgrade works
    • Kits designed for large projects (no limits)
    • Simple installation requires no previous experience as kits are preassembled
    • A low cost, high quality solution for tank manufacturers
    • Suitable for the treatment of domestic, municipal and industrial wastewaters
    • Kits designed also for large projects (up to 15.000 p.e.)
    • Complete support from ClearFox® for engineering, design and installation
    • Airlift or submersible pump options depending on discharge / population are delivered
SBR Retrofitting Kit
  • SBR is a controlled process as wastewater is treated in batches – allowing for extremely high effluent quality
  • Any effluent standard can be achieved with additional chemical dosing (e.g. P elimination), UV treatment (disinfection) etc. all easily added via the PLC
  • Process control allows to achieve any required effluent quality with nitrification, denitrification, P reduction, UV disinfection etc.
  • Designed according to DIN EN 12566-3 and DWA design criteria
  • Market leading in treatment efficiency and low power consumption
  • Simple modification of the process via PLC if necessary
  • Lower OPEX than many traditional processes (such as MBBR and other technologies)
  • Easily transportable SBR equipment kits in comparison to fixed film equipment

ClearFox® SBR Standard

The domestic treatment system for 4 up to 50 PE

• Small sewage treatment plants for modular construction
• The highest individual weight is 115 kg
• No crane is required on the building site
• Continuous and worry-free operation
• Simple and fast assembly
• Fully automatic operation

The SBR system works with activated sludge, but when compared to standard extended aeration systems the efficiency is much higher, due to the equalised peak flow.

SBR sewage treatment plants as package plants for up to 50 people equivalent

Due to our high quality components, we are able to guarantee continuous and trouble-free operation. The plants are quickly assembled and easily to operate, as the operation is fully automatic.
The sewage treatment plant has an integrated energy saving mode, which adapts to the actual sewage volume and thereby saves energy. The plant works according to the proven SBR principle with clog-free airlift-pumps. They are certified according to DIN EN 12566-3 and CE.

Purification classification Tests:

sbr classification purification results

This is how your SBR sewage treatment plant is delivered

The ClearFox® SBR small sewage treatment plant is fully biological and ready to connect. It is a compact, modular sewage treatment plant with high quality, clog-free airlift-pumps. The system has an integrated energy-saving mode and monitors overfilling with fully automatic pressure measurement.
No calibration is required, as the system does this automatically. The system has an air manifold with high quality and noise-free actuators. The hose connections are made of high quality stainless steel ensuring reliability, as these do not break.

The complete control unit is integrated into the ventilated manhole pit, which saves laying cables etc. Only an inlet, outlet and a power cable (earth cable 3×1,5mm2) must be connected and no further connection work is required! The inlet and outlet openings are prepared for KG DN100 (high-quality EPDM-gaskets are already integrated in the tank).

The monolith tanks are made of high-quality PE. They are manufactured by rotational moulding, which produces a one piece seamless tank without additional work required (as would a screw-connected tank on the contrary). The vertically positioned rib structure of the tank ensures stability, as well as good and ergonomic blending in the reactor. The tanks are equipped with additional internal stainless steel reinforcements.

In their basic configuration the tanks are equipped with a manhole pit extension for an inlet depth of ~78 cm. The tank covers (load-bearing up to 200 kg) are screw-tightened (childproof version). The plant is CE conform and includes DIN EN 12566-3 test certificates for efficiency, water-tightness and fracture resistance. The plant consists of two interconnected tanks which can be placed into the building pit as one piece.

All technical components of the plant are pre-assembled in the factory and are ready to be connected (plug and play).

Advantages of ClearFox® SBR wastewater treatment plant at a glance

To see the benefits of our small wastewater treatment plant, simply click on the marked points in the picture below:

ClearFox SBR wastewater treatment

Technical data and dimensions

Note: Observe the Assembly and operation instructions for tank installation,
plant connection and commissioning.

Download information for SBR sewage treatment plants:

You can find further information about the SBR technology in our knowledge area.
Pictures of the installation of a SBR sewage treatment plant are included in our references.

ClearFox® SBR QuickONE+

ClearFox® QuickOne+

QuickOne+ Single chamber SBR

QuickOne+ Single chamber SBR system, Plug & Play, odour free, with whisper quiet operation. Highest effluent quality and lowest energy consumption on the market, as a new plant or to retrofit existing systems.

Application: Domestic waste water treatment

Suitable for 1 up to 50 Persons in Europe

Manufactured in: Germany

Retrofitting: Yes, as a kit system to install in your existing tank.
Send your septic tank dimensions and we will configurate an retrofitting kit that suits in.

one chamber sbr

Purification classification Tests:

sbr classification purification results

Special features QuickOne+:

  • Bestseller in Europe
  • Industry leading effluent quality
  • Lowest energy consumption on the market
  • Odour free and whisper quiet operation
  • Does not run constantly, resulting in very small power consumption relative to standard systems
  • Extended desludging intervals due to sludge stabilisation
  • No moving parts in the tank
  • Entire process powered by a small air compressor [60watt]
  • 30% less sludge production than competitor systems
  • Very low running and maintenance costs
  • Shallow dig tanks for easy installation (1420mm from base of tank to base of inlet)
  • Robust and easy to maintain.
  • Stainless steel reinforcement internally
  • Designed for easy export in 40ft containers
  • Excellent effluent quality, Lowest energy consumption on the market

QuickOne+ Function

  • The Clearfox® QuickONE+ is one of our most popular small scale sewage treatment systems and for good reason. It produces a excellent effluent quality on the market but with the lowest energy consumption of any sewage system available. We can prove this with our CE declaration independent test certificate and the DIN EN12566-3 test. It meets local and national wastewater rules and regulations. The ClearFox® QuickONE+ is a pre-assembled small wastewater treatment plant made of stainless steel reinforced polyethylene. The control module and housing is integrated in the (ventilated) manhole shaft above the biology chamber. For installation, only the inlet, outlet and a power cable needs to be connected.
  • The biology chamber and sampling point are easily accessed by the manhole. Maintenance is simple, as there are no moving parts and installation errors are avoided as it is plug & play.

Inside the control housing:

single chamber sbr control cabinet

View into the tank:

single chamber sbr tank view


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CleaFox SBR Kit and package plants

ClearFox® retrofitting kits for more than 50 PE

  • Our kits are complete, factory pre-assembled retrofitting sets for sewage treatment plants, which are produced individually for the specific existing customer tank
  • The tanks can be constructed of any material (e.g. concrete, GRP, plastic, etc.)
  • The only prerequisite is that the tanks must be corrosion resistant against wastewater and strong enough to support the static load of water filling and, in case of underground construction, of the earth pressure
  • Existing old chambers must have been leak-tested

ClearFox ® SBR as packaged plants for more than 50 PE

  • Sewage treatment plants in modular construction
  • Highest individual weight 250 kg and thus easy handling is possible at the construction site
  • By using high quality components, we guarantee continual and trouble-free operation
  • The plants convince due to their simple and quick assembly
  • Operation is fully automatic
  • Due to an integrated energy saving mode, the sewage treatment plant adapts to the actual sewage volume, which saves energy
  • The plants work according to the proven SBR principle with clog-free and maintenance-free airlift-pumps
  • No electrical and rotating parts in the wastewater that could clog or block
  • Dimensioning of the plants according to DIN EN 12566-3 or according to ATV/DWA M-210 and CE

Location: North Africa

Project: Food processing Factory

Description: Upgrade of inefficient system/equipment with SBR to reduce energy consumption
and increase OTR from 80-100 to 160-300 [kg/O2/hr]

Volume: 4,500m3/day [30,000PE]

Summary of Works: Upgrade of aeration basins with fine bubble aeration, stainless steel air manifold design, supply of variable speed blowers, design of process software

Outcome: Annual electricity savings of 29,000 euro/year, >80% maintenance saving compared to existing jet aerators, 466,560kg/yr. reduction in CO2 emissions


Mauritius SBR for a HotelMauritius

Example: SBR Kit 110m³/d, equiv. 750.e.

Basics: with electrical pumps, single reactor system Treatment kit for municipal wastewater (organic load 60g BOD5/d*p.e.) ~ 150 Liter/d*p.e.
Vol. max. 110m³/d, cycle volume ~25-30 m³ Reachable effluent parameters, depending on optimal conditions – cleaning performance (24h composite sample), nitrification: COD ≤ 75 mg/l
BOD5 ≤ 15 mg/l
AFS ≤ 30 mg/l
Ntot ≤ 25 mg/l

Powder coated control cabinet for indoor installation (1200x1000x300mm)
control unit with control program for each reactor separately, preset cycles, either manual or automatic operation, operating hours, optical and acoustic control system, alarms for overload, underload and network failure detection (option). Optional alarm relaying possible by SMS. As written in detail description of the process.

Submersible pumps:
1 E-device for filling a’ ~30m³/h (under consideration of required feed height, max. 6m)
1 E- device for secondary sludge ~8m³/h (under consideration of required feed height, max. 6m)
1 E- device for Clearwater a’ ~30,0m³/h (under consideration of required feed height, max. 6m)

Hose connections for all pumps, 10-20 meters each (limited!)
Installation material for all pumps (for concrete tanks)

2 x Site channel blower, less maintenance oil-free, integrated exhaust and intake, for installation in the house EN 60034,
IP 54, ~12,5 KW, 400VAC, 3 ~. Made in Germany.

Energy saving / and optimal operation by high quality level pressure sensors

complete prefabricated aeration system, distribution line and pipes made of polyethylene with high-quality EPDM membranes with special hole pattern for fine bubbling
(according to 150m³ bioreactor volume with max. water-level 4,0m)

All fittings, clamps and fasteners for installing the components in the concrete tanks for the aeration system.

Installation instruction, user manual and system drawings after receipt of order

(*) System requirements: a pre-screened water stream (<3mm solid content). The on-site tanks must be according to the requirements specified and the comply to the necessary kit dimensions and calculations. We need to receive the exact measurements from the customer. The technical room must be situated nearby the reactor tank.

Required tank volumes:
Buffer/Prechamber/Baffle walls seperation = 150m³ (Waterdepth ma. 4,0m), ~3months Sludge-storage
Biological reactor = 150m³

On site services in accordance with separate instructions / commissioning by Contractor as follows:

  • Supply and install concrete tanks in accordance with drawing and design of PPU
  • Required pipe in the tanks and to connect the equipment in separate watertight housing
  • The rest of the data, please refer to the enclosed checklist for the client
  • Screen the wastewater to <3mm , if the sludge goes directly to a composting area (plastic removal)
  • Pumping station if necessary because wastewater cannot flow via gravity
  • Electricity for control cabinet 400VAC/50Hz/3~ (L1/L2/L3/N/PE) ~30kW

How does a Clearfox SBR Wastewater plant function?

SBR refers to sequential batch reactor. This technology is a controlled wastewater treatment process. Batches of wastewater undergo treatment in sequence. This control process allows each batch of wastewater to undergo treatment for any required time frame. This enables the achievement of any level of treatment as a result.

In brief, the typical steps in the SBR process are as follows:
The activated sludge treatment plant with SBR has an upstream coarse separator that serves as storage for the primary and secondary sludge and to buffer the inlet water. Sludge filling and Clearwater extraction are effected by means of airlift pumps. The plants control system recognises four main states in the Normal cycle.

The is SBR Cycle is variable and changes can be made to the duration, frequency and arrangement of the phases.

  1. Filling phase: the sewage enters the first chamber and any large solids are retained. The filling pump then conveys waste water into the second chamber which is the biological reactor.
  2. Purification/Aeration stage: The waste water is circulated in the SBR reactor using air fed by the membrane plates and the bacteria are supplied with oxygen, thus supporting the actual biological treatment by microorganisms. Short aeration and non-aeration stages (for denitrification) alternate and are controlled by the computer software. An activated sludge grows with millions of microorganisms which completely break down the wastewater.
  3. Sedimentation/settling stage: A rest phase follows. The activated sludge sinks (sedimentation) to the bottom of the water column. This allows a clarified water zone to form at the top of the reactor chamber.
  4. Clearwater extraction stage: A Clearwater pump conveys the purified waste water that remains above the “Clearwater discharge point” to the plant outlet, lowering the water level in the reactor. The settled activated sludge is then transferred back into the first chamber and the process repeats with the next batch of wastewater.

A complete purification cycle takes approximately 7 hours

Energy-saving cycle: The purification cycle programme continues running unabated, but with a shorter aeration phase, which reduces the amount of energy required. Depending on the inlet quantity to the prechamber, the programme then decides fully automatically, whether the energy- saving cycle should continue, or whether it should switch back to normal operating mode.

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ClearFox® nature, the domestic sewage treatment plant
ClearFox® CFC-flotation Unit