ClearFox is exhibiting in Somalia

wastewater treatment in somalia

ClearFox has just conducted site surveys at embassy and residential security camp sites in Somalia following the receipt of purchase orders. ClearFox containerised wastewater treatment systems provide an ideal method of wastewater treatment for military camps, security camps and embassy sites.

The modular nature of the systems means that they can be scaled up very easily and in a short time of camp occupancy changes. Also, the mobile, modular systems can be relocated to sites on other locations should a camp be relocated.
ClearFox in SomaliaWith a design life of over 20 years, our containerised wastewater treatment solutions provide an ideal method of wastewater treatment for any military camp or worker camp.

Designed to operate automatically, without the need for any chemicals, and without the need for any skilled operator. For any inquiries please contact James Clarke

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