Domestic Wastewater Guidance and Advice

Wastewater is a term that is used to describe waste material. That includes industrial liquid waste and sewage waste which is collected in towns and urban areas and treated at (UWWTPs) urban wastewater treatment plants, as well as sewage that comes from single houses or small communities in the countryside that is treated on-site in either septic tanks or individual wastewater treatment systems (domestic wastewater treatment systems – DWWTS).

Wastewaters from single houses in the countryside that are not connected to sewers should be generally treated on-site by septic tank systems or individual domestic wastewater treatment systems.

Municipal sewage treatment plants from 100 up to 4000 PE

We are your innovative specialist in the field of wastewater treatment.
The combination of extensive experience with know-how accumulated over the years, and the resulting convincing synergy, make us a capable partner for all issues concerning sewage treatment technology.

Quick, flexible and with fair conditions

We provide all services ourselves with the plant ClearFox Municipal – quick, flexible and and not at least with fair conditions. We offer you the complete package including intake with feasibility study with cost estimation up to project planning, delivery, installation and commissioning with optimal quality.

Planning and implementation under one roof

For an operating sewage treatment plant, we help you with possibly required restructuring or restoration work and maintaining components and compact systems. We are your competent contact for all specific questions. We are happy to accompany any new developments as well.

Tailored plants for your requirements

We don’t just offer standard solutions but deliver future-oriented project concepts tailored to your specific requirements. Any plant, be it a 100 PE plant for a small part of town or a rental or leasing solution for up to 4000 PE.
You can always rely on our expert competency and the high quality of our wide product and service range when we handle your individual requirements.

How you benefit from working with us:

  • future-proof and efficient wastewater treatment solutions with ClearFox Municipal plants
  • trouble-free operation and stable cleaning results
  • quality standard, sustainability and cost awareness
  • everything under one roof – all-round service through one contact person

Together, we will find the perfect solution for your municipality

We are happy to develop your optimal solution in cooperation with you.
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Non energy wastewater treatment systems for small municipalities and communities

A case study – The non-electricity  wastewater treatment plant ClearFox nature for municipal wastewater in a concrete tank

domestic wastewater treatment in concrete

sewage treatment in a concrete tank

We offer our ClearFox nature with the year 2017 for smaller agglomerations, municipalities up to 75 p.e. (people equivalent)
Operation cost for energy or power are zero

In addition, the effort for service and maintenance is much more less as in standard domestic wastewater systems. The domestic wastewater treatment plant, as the name “nature” already says, works on the natural principle of gravitation and air circulation. The technology, which is very successful in the size range up to 32 inhabitants (EN 12566-3 tested) and also internationally, is built into a rectangular concave. Standard components of the smaller variant are partially re-designed without leaving the active principle.

The design is based on the small sewage treatment plant in consultation with independent institutes and experts.


wastewater treatment

non energy wwtp in concrete

This domestic wastewater treatment plant is intended for smaller municipalities, as well as for holiday resorts, campgrounds and mountain shelters. Basically wherever there is no current connection or is required, or a low-maintenance, robust operation is required. Furthermore, this domestic wastewater treatment plant operates completely autonomously in almost all climatic zones. From hot Africa to cold Scandinavia, the electricity-free sewage treatment plant can be used. Provided in very cold regions is only the frost-free and professional earth building.


  • Non-electric sewage treatment plant –> No electricity costs
  • No wear parts –> Low consequential costs
  • Stable concrete container –> For large plants in the future also in concrete containers
  • Completely pre-assembled –> Just connect to the building site, finished
  • The exchange of wearing parts was limited to a minimum –> High-quality biofilm technology, Even when the load is fluctuating, the sewage treatment plant achieves the required flow parameters

Lift the excavation pit, insert the sewage treatment plant, connect the inlet and outlet, backfill, done

concrete sewage treatment plant

non energy wastewater treatment

As with our small sewage treatment plant version, the ClearFox nature in the concrete container, the domestic wastewater treatment system also offers the possibility of retrofitting behind existing septic tanks. If, on the other hand, pre-clarification is already available, we can calculate and adapt the biology plants according to local requirements.

If the system cannot be installed with the required slope of 1.50m from the inlet to the drain, there is also the option of connecting a pump shaft

This is also due to the cost of just € 1 per inhabitant per year. Do you have questions about the non-energy ClearFox nature sewage treatment plant in the concrete tank?

Just get in touch with us. We are happy to help you