Solution for domestic sewage treatment

ClearFox® SBR kit in concrete tanks for domestic sewage treatment

Domestic wastewater treatment

Solution for domestic sewage treatment

ClearFox® SBR kit in concrete tanks for domestic sewage treatment

Domestic wastewater treatment

Project Details

Size 75 PE
Location Hungary
Completed 2018

Project Delivery

Features Very high purification standards
Relief of municipal wastewater treatment
Complete service
Treatment Modules ClearFox® SBR

Project Results

Before After
COD 1800 mg/l 200 mg/l
BOD 900 mg/l 50 mg/l



In Hungary, domestic sewage treatment plays a crucial role in protecting the environment. Due to the numerous lakes and rivers, the groundwater level in Hungary is particularly high. As a result, domestic wastewater hardly seeps away and quickly returns to the surface. Municipal wastewater treatment plants are often overloaded, which is why private solutions for domestic sewage treatment often provide relief.

Our partner in Hungary ordered a ClearFox® SBR kit for installation in concrete tanks. This was to treat the wastewater of a total of 75 PE. A collection tank already existed on site, but the customer wanted more tanks for biological wastewater treatment as well as the SBR kits from ClearFox®.


The challenge in this project was to meet all the prescribed purification standards. For example, the COD had to be at a maximum of 200 mg/l, the BOD5 at 50 mg/l and the nitrogen content at 20 mg/l. Our business partner had the task of proving the cleaning performance of the ClearFox® SBR plants to the local administrations.


As PPU has already had many years of experience in the treatment of domestic wastewater, it was no challenge for them to present the purification performance in detail. Independent certifications and test series prove the outstanding properties of the SBR plants.

After the start of the project, PPU supplied the customer with a ClearFox® SBR plant in prefabricated concrete tanks within a very short time. The customer installed these underground on site and connected the tanks to the catch basin. Via energy-saving airlift pumps, the wastewater enters the respective concrete tanks where the biological wastewater treatment takes place.

For this project, PPU took over the complete planning, the design of the SBR systems, the provision of the approval protocols, the production of the concrete tanks as well as the delivery. Due to excellent communication as well as best services, it was no challenge for the customer to realise the project.

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