Gold Mining Sector, Mali

Mobile wastewater treatment system ClearFox® FBBR in  ClearFox® modular container system

Modular Container waste water treatment
Biological waste water treatment in modular container
Biological waste water treatment
Container wastewater treatment




Mali, Africa


50 workers

Effluent quality

Direct discharge to the environment – surface water


plug and play


Remote worker camps in areas without any infrastructure generate large amounts of wastewater from showers, toilet flushes, food preparation and laundry operation.

This sewage that is generated must be managed effectively to prevent any environmental impact. Also, untreated sewage can present a serious health risk if not managed properly.

Remote mining camps and temporary exploration camps must effectively manage their wastewater.

Wastewater from these applications normally has a BOD of approximately 350mg/l and a COD of approximately 700mg/l/


Mine worker camps are generally located in remote areas where there is no fixed infrastructure for the management of sewage and wastewater.

These worker camps can be relocated every few months, creating further complications for the effective management and treatment of wastewater.

The number of staff at worker camps can fluctuate significantly, therefore any wastewater treatment must use a suitable process technology that operates automatically and does nto require skilled operators.


A ClearFox modular C5 container was selected by our process engineers for this project. The system is preinstalled in an ISO sea container so it can easily be shipped internationally, and it can also be easily transported by road to any remote site location.

High quality construction means the solution can be used on different sites for the next 20 years without problems.

Control cabinet for wastewater treatment

The modular plug and play solution requires minimal setup, so it is ready for operation onsite the same day as delivery.

The FBBR process technology used in the C5 operates automatically without the need for any chemicals or consumables. It also uses less electricity than conventional systems. No specialist skills are need to operate the system, as it is completely automatic. Our service team is available 24/7 for any assistance the client needs.

The system can handle changes in wastewater flow caused by changing staff numbers onsite without a problem. Wastewater is cleaned to European standard to permit safe discharge of the treated wastewater into the environment

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