Domestic Wastewater Treatment For A Housing Project In Sri Lanka

Wastewater Treatment with ClearFox® modular container system

Container wwt




Sri Lanka


ClearFox® container compact module C50


50 m³/d; max. 5 m³/h

Effluent quality

Compliance with European standards


fast delivery and installation

all requirements successfully met

suitable for fluctuating wastewater volumes


Housing area


Due to the construction of a housing estate in Sri Lanka, a new sewage treatment plant was required for compliance with the local environmental regulations. The wastewater treatment system supplied cleans the sewage to a standard that allows direct discharge into the environment.


Housing developments and apartment blocks are obliged to consider how the manage and dispose of the black and greywater produced from buildings. This wastewater must be treated to allow for safe discharge or reuse.

In addition, due to increased environmental awareness, house purchasers are now paying attention to water sustainability when choosing their homes.

With house builders trying to maximise the number of houses they can build on their development site, the need for compact containerized solutions that have a small footprint is increasing instead of conventional septic systems that have a very large space requirement.


With the effective and cost-saving system technology, the housing development takes on a pioneering role in wastewater treatment. The plant is designed in such a way that it permanently complies with the European limit values for direct discharge into waters for BOD, COD, TSS and Ammonia.

The environmentally conscious treatment of the waste water produced in the residential complex enables safe disposal into he environment. The containerized system is totally silent in operation and produces no odour.

The compact sewage treatment plant consists of a biological FBR treatment, with lamella separator as a secondary clarifier.


Biological treatment

Lamella separator

Capacity: 50 m³/d, 5 m³/h

Input: domestic wastewater from a residential complex

Output: European standard

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