Wastewater analysis with laboratory and pilot testing

wastewater analysis by ClearFox

Via partner firms and cooperation partners, we have direct access to creating qualified laboratory analyses such as:

  • wastewater parameters
    ( CSB, BSB5, NH4-N, NO3-N, P, SS, TOC, TS etc.)
  • JAR tests, precipitation, flocculation
  • bio-Degradation tests, batch tests
  • measuring physical parameters (e.g. pressure loss, powerconsumption effective)
  • basic field measurements (O2, pH, etc.)

If required, we have personal contacts to expert institutions in order to make further analyses.

Design of wastewater treatment systems

Over the past 15 years, we have planned and designed different water and wastewater treatment projects.

  • cost estimations
  • cubature drafts for real estate service providers
  • senior expert designing for process technology
  • approval of design
  • case studies
  • assembly instruction
  • execution construction and parts list creation
  • detailed drawings, floor, sections, P&I

New development and validation of processes

Wastewater and water can be quite complex mixtures of substances. In order to back theoretical findings or practical experiences when analysing solutions, pilot tests or tests in our wastewater laboratory scale must be carried out. We have an extensive range of tools and appliances:

  • bioreactors
  • filtration reactors
  • flotation cells
  • dosing sections
  • pilot plants
  • laboratory plants

This way, we can test the validation of a process regarding economic and efficiency aspects at a preliminary stage.

Our product range is constantly being developed and extended.

All of our products comply with the applicable standards (ATV-DWA and EN). They are successfully used as mass products on a global scale.

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