Home sewage systems – do’s and don’ts

Do not:

  • Baby wipes, flushable wipes, plastic, sanitary napkins, scouring pads, condoms, mop strings, disposable diapers, towels, lint, rags, etc. These items will accumulate in your wastewater treatment plant and especially disturb the function of the restriction valve.
  • Paints, thinner, chemicals, grease, solvents and disinfectants. All these products kill the cleaning microorganisms in your plant.
  • Water softener backwash. Route to drainage ditch, storm sewer or downspout drainage system.
  • Drain cleaners and toilet bowl freshener tabs will kill the busy cleaning bacteria in your sewage system.
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Please Do:

  • Know the location of your control panel and check periodically for alarm conditions.
  • Keep a record of pumping, inspections and maintenance.
  • Practice water conservation to reduce the amount of water going into the ClearFox® nature system.
  • Observe the instructions for installation and assembly of your ClearFox® nature system.
  • Divert roof drains and surface water from your ClearFox® nature system.
  • Keep house drainage away from the ClearFox® nature system.
  • In the case of an only occasionally inhabited home the home sewage system should receive water now and then.
  • Observe the maintenance instructions of your ClearFox® nature system.

How does your ClearFox® nature Home Sewage System Works
Take a look to our animated ClearFox® nature YouTube video. This will explain you systematically how this home sewage system works.

Biological sewage plant


It is important to maintain your ClearFox® nature Home Plant. This means regular service must be performed to keep the system healthy and effective.
6-Month Service– This service call includes the assessment of general wastewater treatment plant conditions, testing the cleaning performance, inspection, service, cleaning, reinstallation and testing of the aerating system by a certified service technician.

Occasional Sludge Removal Service– Tank pumping is not included under your ClearFox® nature Distributor’s Inspection/Service Policy. It is charged to you by your tank pumper.

Home Sewage System, ClearFox® nature small wastewater treatment plant advantages

  • Simple and inexpensive
  • Blackout secure because of missing pumps and technical equipment
  • Consistently clear, odorless effluent
  • Superior protection against hydraulic over and underloads (wash day stress, intermit- tent vacation usage, power outages).
  • No electrical components are implemented
  • ClearFox® nature is the only home sewage system where filter material never must be renewed
  • No spare parts need to be replaced
  • Not temperature sensitive
  • No messy filters to clean

What ClearFox® nature Home Sewage System Does For You

  • Revolutionary ClearFox® nature Process provides highest cleaning efficiency
  • No necessity of electricity
  • Longevity of the carriers for bacteria growth
  • Minimizes odors
  • Protects your environment by producing clear, odorless effluent
  • Increases property value by reducing drain field size
  • Economical to purchase and maintain
  • Equipment life, quality and dependability beat every- thing else on the market


ClearFox® nature recommends low phosphate detergents
ClearFox® nature does not recommend liquid fabric softeners

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