Wastewater treatment in meat industry

Meat processing uses a significant amount of water. In the past 20 years, global meat consumption has increased. The meat of pigs, cattle and poultry is particularly popular. The slaughtering and processing of animals produces wastewater, so the wastewater treatment in meat industry is particularly important.

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Wastewater treatment in meat industry is crucial 

slaughterhouse wastewater treatment

Wastewater is produced throughout the meat processing chain. From slaughtering, to processing, to cleaning equipment, water is a critical component. Since hygiene is the top priority in the meat industry, water is used for cleaning at every step of the process. But other processing steps, such as sausage production, also produce wastewater that the meat industry has to clean. 

The wastewater is heavily contaminated. During the slaughter process, mainly blood, urine, fats, oils and grease mix into the wastewater, resulting in high BOD and COD. It would be fatal to discharge the wastewater into the environment without treatment, as it is discoloured, has a strong odour and is thus harmful to all living creatures. The solution to this is wastewater treatment in meat industry. 

ClearFox® solutions are specialised in wastewater treatment in meat industry

ClearFox® DAF – Dissolved Air Flotation – removes the smallest suspended solids, such as fats, oils and blood components, that are found in the wastewater. Flocculants bind these together into larger particles. Fine air bubbles enter the flotation system via an aeration system, which push the particles to the top. The system discharges the resulting sludge through a cone opening. The operator can then treat the resulting clear water further or discharge it into the municipal sewage treatment plant. 

ClearFox® DAF for wastewater treatment in meat industry
SBR technology for wastewater treatment in meat industry

The ClearFox® SBR technology removes almost all dissolved solids found in the wastewater. This enters the SBR reactor, where air diffusers supply the microorganisms with oxygen at specific intervals. This produces secondary sludge, which settles at the bottom of the reactor. The system discharges the clear water floating on top to the outside and removes the sludge. The BOD and COD in the wastewater are thus reduced to a minimum.

For even stronger, biological wastewater treatment in meat industry, the ClearFox® FBBR process is suitable. The fixed-bed technology consists of net tubes on which microorganisms settle in a controlled manner. These clean the wastewater that flows through the treatment plant and reliably reduce all dissolved solids.

ClearFox® solutions are particularly suitable for wastewater treatment in meat industry. Depending on the customer’s wishes, the treated wastewater can either be reused in the production line, discharged directly into a public water or into a municipal wastewater treatment plant. ClearFox® wastewater treatment systems are complete turnkey solutions with very low investment and operating costs. They are usually pre-installed in ISO sea containers, making them easy to transport and modularly expandable. These advantages are a decisive factor in industrial wastewater treatment in meat industry. 

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