Dairy wastewater treatment

ClearFox® leasing systems enable rapid treatment of cleaning water

Farming wastewater treatment

Dairy wastewater treatment

ClearFox® leasing systems enable rapid treatment of cleaning water

Farming wastewater treatment

Project Details

Size 20 m³/day
Location Central Germany
Completed 2019

Project Delivery

Features Fast delivery and easy installation
Low maintenance
Suitable for fluctuating wastewater volumes
Treatment Modules Screening
ClearFox® FBBR

Project Results

Before After
COD 3500 mg/l 200 mg/l



Dairy wastewater treatment is an important step in the whole production line. On the one hand, the wastewater comes from stables in which the animals are housed. During cleaning, mainly faeces, urine, straw and soil are mixed into the wastewater. On the other hand, wastewater is produced during the cleaning of milking parlours and the entire milking system. Milk is also mixed into the wastewater.

With this wastewater composition from dairy farming, either a liquid manure pit or a specially developed biological dairy wastewater treatment plant is used. Due to dilution with wash water, the faeces and urine flushed out during cleaning do not lead to a large increase in the COD content. Furthermore, the treatment of milk in wastewater is very simple, as it is biodegradable.


A slurry pit that collects and treats the wash water for dairy wastewater treatment always requires additional storage space in the form of slurry silos. This in turn increases the construction costs. Moreover, when it rains, additional, heavily polluted surface water accumulates, the treatment of which is particularly important.

The customer wanted a quick solution so that he could channel the treated wastewater for dairy wastewater treatment into a receiving water body. This is a body of water for which a water law permit is required. The degree of purification is determined by the local water authority. The ecological balance must not be disturbed by the discharged wastewater, nor must the native flora and fauna be harmed. The authority thus determines which substances may flow into the receiving water and in what concentration. This had to be taken into account during the construction of the dairy wastewater treatment plant.


The customer opted for a quickly available leasing system, which the ClearFox® team installed within a very short time. This consisted of four container modules, which included screening, a buffer, a fixed bed biological reactor and a secondary clarifier as a lamella clarifier. The screening first removes all coarse material such as straw and small stones from the wastewater. From there, it enters a mixing and equalisation tank consisting of two hydraulically connected tank containers. A pump feeds the system so that the wastewater for dairy wastewater treatment can flow freely through the biology and the secondary clarifier.

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