Wastewater treatment after natural disasters

Natural disasters occur in various forms. They include earthquakes, floods, storm surges, storms, droughts, avalanches, or forest fires. Due to climatic changes, these occur at increasingly shorter intervals. It is possible that wastewater treatment after natural disasters is no longer guaranteed. Municipal wastewater treatment plants may be damaged, or the wastewater infrastructure may no longer be intact. Often, rapid assistance is needed to maintain wastewater treatment after natural disasters.

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ClearFox packaged wastewater treatment plants

What damage is caused by natural disasters?

Floods, storm surges, storms and avalanches cause the most damage to a wastewater treatment plant. They usually destroy plant components, resulting in a total loss and contaminated water being released into the environment. The destruction of the biology or the membranes can lead to contamination of the groundwater or drinking water. In addition, a power failure is possible or exposed cables discharge through the water.

A crucial factor is the wastewater that continues to accumulate. Houses that are still intact after a natural disaster produce wastewater through washing, showering or the toilet. Especially during floods, the water carries mud or coarse solids with it. If no wastewater treatment after natural disasters is carried out, rivers, flora and fauna can suffer great damage. In developing countries, on the other hand, there is a greatly increased risk of infection. Untreated wastewater can lead to severe courses of disease.

Restoring wastewater treatment after natural disasters has high priority

With its packaged wastewater treatment plants, PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH offers fast and reliable wastewater treatment after natural disasters. The ClearFox® solutions are available quickly and are suitable for all wastewater volumes. The space required is very small, as the treatment technology in the containers is very compact. All they need is a level and stable surface, a supply line, a discharge line, and a power supply. Even fluctuating wastewater inflows do not pose a challenge for the mobile sewage treatment plants.

ClearFox mobile sewage treatment plants

For wastewater treatment after natural disasters, the mobile wastewater treatment plants are also available as leasing offers. PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH provides the systems and transports them away again as soon as the municipal sewage treatment plant is intact again. The advantage of a leasing system is the quick start-up time. Since there are usually still remnants of a biological lawn in the plant, it builds up quickly and ensures reliable purification performance after just a few days.

ClearFox mobile wastewater treatment plants

The advantages

  • Fast and unbureaucratic support
  • Mobile – the treatment plants can be set up at different locations
  • Modular – they can be expanded as needed
  • Reliable cleaning performance and low maintenance
  • The compact treatment plants are also available for lease
  • Quick start-up of the biological treatment stage
  • Rapid installation thanks to pre-assembled technology
  • Instruction by a team of experts on site
  • 24/7 service for questions or concerns

Wastewater treatment after natural disasters is crucial to avoid devastating consequences for people and the environment. Contact us so that we can support you in the best possible way.

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