Mobile wastewater treatment solutions

Mobile wastewater treatment solutions are solutions that are installed in a container. This makes the systems particularly compact and easy to transport. The scope of application of these mobile systems ranges from wastewater treatment in hard-to-reach areas such as mining camps, military camps, or refugee camps. But containerised wastewater treatment plants for companies are also a popular area of application. PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH produces and sells container-based and mobile wastewater treatment solutions. The company has specialised in this area in recent years.

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PPU mobile wastewater treatment systems

Why invest?

Refugee camps, military camps or mining camps are often built in a short time and house several thousand people. The development of urban infrastructure such as housing or wastewater treatment often plays a subordinate role. However, if mobile wastewater treatment solutions are missing, diseases can spread, hinder work or reduce the quality of life in the camp. A mobile wastewater treatment plant is also suitable for remote areas.

For a company, a mobile wastewater treatment plant is worthwhile in two ways. Firstly, the location of the wastewater treatment system is flexible. It is also possible that a wastewater treatment plant already exists in your company. However, due to increased production capacities or stricter wastewater regulations, your wastewater treatment plant is not sufficient. A mobile wastewater treatment system is the ideal addition to your existing wastewater treatment plant, so that you can meet the new requirements again. On the other hand, you get a compact solution that does not require any construction work. A containerised wastewater treatment plant works on the plug & play principle, so the time for installation and commissioning is kept to a minimum.

Pros and Cons of mobile wastewater treatment


  • With a containerised wastewater treatment plant you have a turnkey system that you can easily install. The complete treatment plant is pre-assembled.
  • The transport of the containerised wastewater treatment plants is very easy due to standardised ISO sea containers. The plants can be transported overland by truck and by sea by container ship.
  • Any technology can be installed in the containers. This means that the solutions are specially adapted to each type of wastewater.
  • The compact systems only require a firm and level foundation. If necessary, they can be moved to another location at any time.
  • If your wastewater capacities increase, the mobile wastewater treatment solutions can be expanded at any time with additional modules.
ClearFox containerized wastewater treatment
ClearFox mobile wastewater treatment solutions


  • A mobile wastewater treatment plant is designed for the treatment of a defined dirt and wastewater load. Changed parameters can often only be realised with additional modules.
  • Almost every system produces sludge as a waste product of wastewater treatment. You must either treat this further or dispose of it at regular intervals.

PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH is your reliable contact for all questions concerning mobile wastewater treatment. Contact us so that we can find the best solution for you.

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