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oil and gas solution

Applegreen is a leading operator petrol stations throughout the UK. Many of the motorway service stations do not have access to public sewer, so the wastewater generated on site must be treated and discharged into the environment. Compliance with strict effluent standards can be a challenge with gas station wastewater treatment.

Many motorway service stations can produce wastewater with a very high pollutant load. The wastewater is characterized by very high ammonia concentrations from toilet use, but also due to the significant amount of catering there can be very high concentrations of fatoil, grease with an associated high BOD and COD. Wastewater flows can also be extremely variable over the course of each day. Traditional activated sludge wastewater treatment plants struggle to deal with these variable flows and loads. Also the ratio of different pollutants in the wastewater makes treatment challenging.

After a study of the available process technologies to treat this type of wastewater, Applegreen PLC selected the ClearFox containerised FBBR system. The main reason for selection of this process technology is that it is proven to reliably treat wastewater in municipal and industrial applications with highly variable flows and loads. Also, our containerised units are one of the only systems on the market that have independent process verification from an independent test facility.

The scope of supply for PPU is the manufacture of a containerised fixed bed biological module in addition to the clarifier and phosphorus elimination system. The supplied system comes with a total process and effluent guarantee giving 100% security to the client and making the purchase totally risk-free. The installed system will ensure compliance with environmental discharge limits which have very low values for BOD, COD, TSS, ammonia and nitrogen. The modular nature of the system is also attractive to the client because future expansion of the motorway service station can easily be handled by adding additional container modules in the future.

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