High Tech Screening from produced water from oil and gas industry

WWT for Oil and Gas industry

In many industrial wastewater applications, coarse substances have to be removed from the wastewater in order to protect the downstream treatment steps.

This is often done by using screw screens. The solids get caught on a tubular sieve, then a screw transports the solids from the tubular sieve into a waste bin.

With abrasive wastewater in particular, the rotating screws are subject to high wear. The brushes as well as the bearings often need to be replaced regularly, and thus cause high operating costs. Furthermore, brushes can stick which reduces the cleaning efficiency in certain applications.

The screws used by ClearFox do not need any bearings, and there are no brushes. The screws are made in a single piece out of a High Tech polymer. This material is the construction is the best choice, especially for extreme applications such as water produced in the oil and gas industry.
The advantages are as follows:

  • High extraction efficiency (high contact surface of screen)
  • Low service cost (no brushes necessary)
  • Easy installation (no internal bearing)
  • Long lifetime in extreme applications (High Tech Polymer material for high resistance)
  • Low investment and maintenance costs

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