PPU manufacture and supply a biological fixed bed wastewater treatment system for Coca Cola

PPU has been awarded a  project by Coca-Cola for the manufacture and supply of a biological fixed bed wastewater treatment system for one of their factories in Indonesia. Coca-Cola has extensive experience with wastewater treatment, as wastewater is produced in most of their factories worldwide.

In this respect, Coca-Cola completes comprehensive due diligence and assessments of the best available process technologies on the market. Our fixed bed process was determined to be superior with regards to OPEX and process reliability when compared to MBBR and MBR. The ClearFox modular fixed bed biological system is a high rate biological treatment solution that operates automatically, without the need for chemicals and without the need for consumables like membranes.

So when compared to other biological process technologies it has many clear advantages. These advantages are now being recognised by major food and beverage companies who are looking for reliable wastewater treatment systems in order to comply with strict discharge limits. This project has been completed in conjunction with our partners FLOC Aqua.

Photo: Olenka Sergienko from Pexels

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