Containerized wastewater treatment system for the British Embassy in Somalia

Containerized wastewater treatment system with ClearFox® FBBR, lamella clarifier, buffer tank and disinfection


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ClearFox containerized solution for municipal wastewater
ClearFox technical solution
ClearFox technical room


ClearFox® treatment solution for municipal wastewater




Mogadishu, Somalia


60 m³/day



  • On-site visit
  • Quick installation
  • Modular, plug & play


Treatment of municipal wastewater


The British Embassy in Mogadishu, Somalia enquired about a containerized wastewater treatment system on their premises. Although there was already a wastewater treatment system there, it was defective and therefore not reliable. The task of PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH was to supply a reliable containerized wastewater treatment system. It was important to the British Embassy that this works almost without maintenance.


The challenge of this project was the delivery to the field. Somalia is a country that is regularly dominated by unrest. Therefore, the premises of the British Embassy in Mogadishu are also subject to strict security measures. The containerized wastewater treatment system therefore had to be installed quickly. Prompt instruction of the staff on site was also desired.


To be able to reliably treat the 60 cubic metres of municipal wastewater per day, the customer opted for a container system that includes screening, a ClearFox® fixed bed biological reactor, a lamella clarifier, a buffer tank, chlorine disinfection and a control system in a technical room. The 20-foot HC ISO sea container is particularly easy to transport by container ship or truck. For this reason, the delivery to Somalia was no challenge for the ClearFox® team.

At the beginning, the municipal wastewater flows into the buffer tank. This gradually passes it on to the biological treatment stage, the FBBR. Microorganisms settle on the fixed bed material and clean the wastewater. An aeration system supplies them with additional oxygen so that they can reliably clean the wastewater. The resulting sludge is separated from the clear water by a lamella clarifier. Afterwards, a chlorine dosage additionally disinfects the wastewater.

For this project, the ClearFox® team visited the site at the beginning. They then took over the complete planning, construction of the wastewater treatment plant, delivery, on-site installation, and training of the employees. The ClearFox® team pre-assembled the containerised wastewater treatment plant at the main plant in Bayreuth. This reduced the installation time on site to a minimum.

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