SBR wastewater treatment system

ClearFox® SBR wastewater treatment system for a restaurant and sweet shop in Sri Lanka

Food and beverage

SBR wastewater treatment system

ClearFox® SBR wastewater treatment system for a restaurant and sweet shop in Sri Lanka

Food and beverage

Project Details

Size 18 m³/day
Location Sri Lanka
Completed 2019

Project Delivery

Features Fast, underground installation on site
Supported by video guidance from the ClearFox® team
Treatment Modules ClearFox® SBR
Chlorine dosing for disinfection

Project Results

Before After
BOD 500 mg/l <30 mg/l



A restaurant with an affiliated sweet shop in Sri Lanka needed an SBR wastewater treatment system. The wastewater was to be treated in such a way that the customer could discharge it into the environment without hesitation after treatment. The restaurant and the confectionery shop produce a daily wastewater volume of about 18 m³. The biological oxygen demand is 500 milligrams per litre. The reason for this is the water produced in the kitchen as well as the cleaning water from the restaurant and the sweet shop. Thus, the wastewater mainly contains fats, oils, sugar, and cleaning agents. A ClearFox® SBR wastewater treatment system is the best solution for this.


The challenge in this project was to reduce the biological oxygen demand to 30 milligrams per litre. As awareness for a clean environment is growing in Sri Lanka, compliance with all regulations was particularly important. Sri Lanka is an island, so much of the wastewater flows directly into the Indian Ocean. Furthermore, the customer asked for support from the ClearFox® service team, as they had no previous experience with the installation of an SBR wastewater treatment system.


To be able to install the ClearFox® SBR wastewater treatment system, the customer built an underground concrete tank with a volume of 22 m³. Since the customer had no previous experience in installing SBR systems, the ClearFox® team created an installation video. The instructions clearly showed which steps the customer had to follow, and which process phases the system uses to clean the wastewater.

The ClearFox® SBR system is a particularly reliable solution for biological wastewater treatment. Through the aeration system in an underground concrete tank, which is specially tailored to the customer’s wastewater, the plant supplies the microorganisms in the wastewater with oxygen. This allows them to grow and form an activated sludge, which reliably removes all impurities from the wastewater. To be able to discharge the wastewater into the environment, the customer decided to add chlorine for further disinfection.

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