Installation of a ClearFox® Nature

Sewage treatment plant

non electric domstic sewage treatment plant ClearFox Nature
non electric domestic


2011- now


Germany, France, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy,  Eastern Europe, Middle East etc


ClearFox® Nature sewage treatment plant


Any application from 1-50 persons that needs non electric wastewater treatment. The ClearFox nature doesn’t just handle the sewage which occurs in single-family houses or multi-family houses with normal usage, it can also be used in situations where the wastewater volume varies.


  • The biomaterial never needs to be replaced, unlike other non electric systems
  • Low cost operation as there is no electricity or replacement parts required
  • The ClearFox nature is odour free and silent

Service of PPU Umwelttechnik GmbHWe – and our partners onsite – offer help to assist you with the installation of your sewage treatment plant free of charge.For example:

  • Provision of all required approval documents
  • Help with engineers and councils
  • Advice on technical aspects of the installation

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Read More About ClearFox® Projects

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