Leasing-containerised wastewater treatment fixed bed system for 650 PE

ClearFox® fixed bed system for wastewater treatment


The installation of this ClearFox mobile wastewater treatment system was designed for treating sewage from a worker camp to allow discharge of treated effluent to the environment.


The former system was equipped with with rainwater retention, a mechanical preliminary treatment and a biological stage.

A construction site without proper wastewater treatment was not permitted by the local council. During the construction phase, a new wastewater treatment was an obligation to meet the effluent requirements for the sensitive landscape.

This was the reason for installing a mobile containerized waste water treatment system from ClearFox. The effluent of the system is now discharged into the receiving waters of the river Furkareuss as before.


  • Secured placement with access only to authorized staff
  • fully automatic treatment
  • less service and maintenance
  • safe winter operation of the mobile waste water treatment plant
  • discharge of the treated wastewater into the existing drainage channel of a river
  • meeting effluent requirements
  • transmission of faults and alarms by automatic phone connection or via GSM.


Fixed bed technology is recommended by leading sewage associations due to its

robust and reliable technology

  • Worldwide mobile use in all climates zones
  • Maintenance without special equipment
  • The system is easily modular expandable (more roads parallel, sludge storage etc.)
  • The operation of the system is also possible with untrained personnel
  • Rapid supply and startup
  • Cost-effective, because only standard components are used.
  • No chemicals required
  • Container sewage treatment plants with a fixed bed technology achieve in any process high efficiency
  • It is possible to move this system to a different location
  • There is no need to build additional buildings. All components are pre-installed in sea containers
  • Low energy costs because of the energy saving mode
  • Silent operation
  • Manageable costs for project planning and construction management


The daily flow of 120 m³ wastewater from the construction site has been supplied from the pump station to the container treatment plant (pumped 9m³ / h at Q10, max. 6L / s momentary).

sludge treatment for fixed bed system
ClearFox® leasing solution for sludge treatment


The screened sewage is then pumped with an eccentric screw pump into two buffer tanks.

In the packaged sewage treatment system the wastewater stream is pumped via an scew screen, in order to remove solids.

The screened sewage is then pumped with with an eccentric screw pump into two buffer tanks. Both buffer tanks were installed in 20ft sea container with a special developed mixing/aeration system.

Thereby an optimal mixing (homogenization) and a biological pre-reduction (reduction of carbon) of the waste water. buffer tank and the fixedbed reactors would be temporary overloaded. If this would happen, the wastewater would be directly returned to the receiving water through the emergency overflow, by a high degree of dilution.

From the buffer tank, the water was continuously, according to adjusted settings, pumped by an eccentric screw pump in the biology reactor with various fixedbed cascades.
Here the significant biodegradation tooks place.


In the fixedbedreactor, a corresponding programmed membrane aeration was installed for the corresponding air supply to the microorganisms.

This fixed bed system reactor was prepared and installed in three cascades with level 1 (100m² / m³), level 2 (150m² / m³) and Level 3 (200m² / m³) of surface growth carrier material per cubic meter of volume.

Subsequently, the secondary sedimentation followed by a lamella clarifier. By this technology, very fine particles, which have been discharged from the reactor, are removed.

In order to achieve the following efficiency, an automatic drum-filter was in-line connected.

CSBtot BSB5 Ptot
% % %
86 90 40

(Durchschnitt über 3 Monate Laufzeit)

After a short brief introduction, by a Clearfox supervisor , the container treatment plant was taken in operation

In this container are also various important technical equipment , such as control unit, compressors, pumps and monitoring equipment.

After a short brief introduction, by a Clearfox supervisor , the container treatment plant was taken in operation by the existing staff of our client.

The biological treatment in the fixed bed reactor is designed for: underload such as overload, underload and has a vacation mode

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