Expansion of a wastewater treatment plant in Egypt

ClearFox® FBBR – Tobacco Processing Company – Egypt

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ClearFox FBBR technology for wastewater treatment

Technical Information


Expansion of a wastewater treatment plant






Biological wastewater treatment as a supplement to the ClearFox® DAF


7,5 m³/day


  • ClearFox® installers on site
  • Use of treated wastewater for irrigation


In 2018, we already equipped a tobacco company in Egypt with a ClearFox® DAF to treat the wastewater produced there. Around 60 percent of the wastewater comes from tobacco processing – the remaining 40 percent is sanitary wastewater from the employees. On average, about 7.5 m³ of wastewater is produced daily.

The ClearFox® DAF enabled the company to discharge the treated wastewater into the public sewer system. It served as a pre-treatment step to keep the discharge fees as low as possible. However, as the company wants to use the wastewater for irrigation, stricter discharge standards are necessary, which is why an extension of the treatment plant with a biological fixed-bed reactor is the best solution.

ClearFox stainless-steel tank
ClearFox cascaded FBBR module


The first challenge in this project was the provision of a stainless-steel tank in which the fixed-bed technology was to be accommodated. This had to have a volume of around 12 m³ and have the appropriate connections to be able to expand the treatment plant in the best possible way. The second challenge was to provide an installation team to install the fixed-bed technology with the aerator plates, incorporate it into the control system and put it into operation.


The team on site consisted of two experienced ClearFox® installers who were able to complete the work in just a few days. They delivered all the equipment to Egypt in advance so that they only had to install it on site. The stainless-steel tank was provided by the client, as it was more cost-effective to manufacture it locally. The ClearFox® team provided detailed drawings for this.

The ClearFox® FBBR process is an aerobic process that uses cascaded fixed bed technology to treat the wastewater. This involves net tubes made of a special growth material. Microorganisms settle on this and respire the dissolved contaminants in the wastewater. The combination of ClearFox® DAF and ClearFox® FBBR is the ideal solution for treating wastewater for direct discharge.

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