Hospital wastewater treatment plant in Tehran, Iran


ClearFox® SBR hospital wastewater treatment plant in a concrete tank


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ClearFox underground installation
ClearFox® concrete tank for wastewater treatment
ClearFox® SBR hospital wastewater treatment plant


ClearFox® SBR hospital wastewater treatment plant in Iran




Tehran, Iran


550 m³/day


System for wastewater treatment installed in an underground concrete tank


  • Underground installation
  • Reliable cleaning


Hospital wastewater treatment plant


In Iran’s capital Tehran, Tajrish, the city’s largest hospital, is being built. It will open in the next few months. A hospital wastewater treatment plant is important to cope with the wastewater load. Parallel to the construction of the hospital, the wastewater treatment system is also to be built.


The challenge of this project was the limited space. Since the hospital is being built in the city, the architect used the space for the main building. An additional space for a sewage treatment plant was not planned. However, the hospital will be home to over 1000 visitors at any time once it opens. These mainly produce grey water and black water. In addition, there is the washing water that is produced during the cleaning of the entire building. This is to be collected and fed into the wastewater treatment plant.


Our business partner in Iran offered the hospital underground wastewater treatment using an SBR system. During the construction of the hospital, the construction team built a concrete tank 15 metres underground. In the future, this will treat the 550 cubic metres of wastewater per day. The project is unique in this form worldwide.

Our business partner installed a ClearFox® SBR system in this concrete tank. This system will treat the wastewater in four phases, which together form a cycle. At the beginning, the wastewater will flow into a collection tank, where the first coarse impurities can settle. It then enters the biological reactor.

An aeration system will supply the microorganisms in the wastewater with oxygen so that they can grow and treat the wastewater biologically. This creates an activated sludge that will settle to the bottom of the reactor. A clear water zone forms on the activated sludge, which a hydraulic system drains to the outside. The activated sludge guarantees reliable wastewater treatment in all further cycles.

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