Home sewage treatment plant for single-family homes

ClearFox® QuickOne SBR – ideal home sewage treatment plant for single-family homes

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ClearFox small domestic system

Technical Information


Home sewage treatment plant






Home sewage treatment plant in a plastic tank


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ClearFox® QuickOne SBR


  • Provision of all information for independent commissioning
  • Direct discharge
  • Reliable and long-term wastewater treatment


In Latvia – especially in rural areas – municipal wastewater treatment is not available everywhere. Municipal wastewater treatment plants are often outdated and ineffective, which is why domestic wastewater is sometimes transported away by truck. For this reason, a home sewage treatment plant for single-family houses is worthwhile in many cases.

The ClearFox® team works with a Latvian partner who commissions the small wastewater treatment plants from Bayreuth. At the beginning, he ordered 10 ClearFox® QuickOne SBR small domestic wastewater treatment plants.


One challenge in this project was to comply with the customer’s specifications and wishes. Above all, underground installation and reliable and durable wastewater treatment were important. Since the customer wants to do the installation himself, a constant exchange of information between the project planning and the condition on site is necessary.

ClearFox QuickOne with SBR technology


ClearFox QuickOne aeration system

The ClearFox® QuickOne SBR is the ideal home sewage treatment plant for single-family homes. A stable and rotationally moulded plastic tank makes it perfect for underground installation. The built-in SBR system supplies the microorganisms in the wastewater with air. This results in aerobic wastewater treatment, during which a secondary sludge is formed that settles at the bottom of the system. This activated sludge supports the future wastewater treatment in each cycle.

The built-in SBR system works in four phases: Filling, aeration, dormancy, and clear water removal. These four phases together form a cycle that lasts about eight hours. An integrated control system monitors the process and adjusts individual phases to any fluctuating wastewater loads. The extracted clear water is suitable for direct discharge into the environment.

A home sewage treatment plant for single-family homes is an ideal solution for meeting the challenges of municipal wastewater treatment in many countries. If you have any questions or would like a non-binding quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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