Sewage treatment plants as complete modules

Sewage Treatment Plants

We deliver and build sewage treatment plants as complete modules in high-quality PE tanks produced in rotational moulding or for bigger plants also in welded plastic tanks or portable containers.

Furthermore, for existing tanks on site, we deliver complete retrofitting sets (kits), pre-assembled in factory, for sewage treatment plants.

Our fine bubbling aeration systems have a optimized oxygen transfer rate into the sewage water. This provides a high efficiency cleaning process by low operation cost. For simple pretreatment systems we also can use jet aeration systems.

Our sewage treatment plants at a glance

We offer sewage treatment plants and technology for up to 50 residents, which are design approved. Larger plants from 51 up to 5000 residents are dimensioned according to established guidelines or standards.

ClearFox® nature

Die ClearFox nature funktioniert ganz ohne Strom

SBR small sewage treatment plants

SBR Technologie von ClearFox in eine Kläranlage

Retrofitting kits

Die ergänzung zu ihrer vorhanden Grube

Portable container sewage treatment plants

ClearFox Container Kläranlage

The fail-safe and economic small sewage treatment plant without power requirement.

SBR technology stands for permanent and trouble-free operation

Retrofitting of existing plants and older chambers

These sewage treatment plants are completely pre-assembled systems which can be extended as required with the necessary modules.

ClearFox® sewage treatment plants as modular system – simply clever!

For municipal customers and industrial customers, we develop individually adapted sewage treatment plants. This includes project planning and plant optimisations.

We have recourse to an extensive product range of pre-assembled modules in container construction which we produce ourselves.

We are experts for fully biological and biological principles, as well as for pressure release flotation (PRF).

Our portfolio includes fixed-bed plants, fluidised bed reactors, and plants designed according to the SBR process in compact design.

We provide biological treatment systems (ATU aerobic treatment units) , containerized systems, packaged units for sewage treatment for domestic houses ,  sub divisions and rural areas.

ClearFox® nature

Improved process technologies and higher cleaning performances by small sewage treatment plants lead to higher acceptance rates with authorities and in private households. ClearFox® nature is an small sewage treatment plant without power requirement.

  • simple installation
  • economic operation

Die ClearFox nature funktioniert ganz ohne Strom
SBR Technologie von ClearFox in eine Kläranlage

SBR sewage treatment plants as complete plants for up to 10 residents

  • Small sewage treatment plants in modular construction.
  • Highest individual weight 115 kg.
  • No crane on building site required.
  • By using high quality components, we guarantee continual and trouble-free operation.

Due to an integrated energy saving mode, the sewage treatment plant adapts to the actual sewage volume, which saves energy.

ClearFox® retrofitting kits for sewage treatment plants 4 – 5000 EP

Our kits are complete, factory pre-assembled retrofitting sets for sewage treatment plants, which are produced individually for the specific existing tank of the customer.
The tanks can be constructed of any material (e.g. concrete, GRP, plastic, etc.).
The only prerequisite is that the tanks must be corrosion resistant against wastewater and strong enough to support the static load of water filling and, in case of underground construction, of the earth pressure.

Existing old chambers must have been leak-tested.

Die ergänzung zu ihrer vorhanden Grube

Retrofittings and kits by ClearFox®: clean, easy and efficient!

  • pre-assembled retrofitting kits for sewage treatment plants
  • corrosion-proof against wastewater
  • continual and worry-free operation
  • no electric or rotating parts

ClearFox® portable container sewage treatment plants from 51 up to 5000 residents. Our domestic and also industrial wastewater treatment solution

8 to approx. 800 m3 wastewater per day (*)

  • complete wastewater treatment in portable containers
  • continual and worry-free operation
  • the portable container sewage treatment plant is quickly installed
  • state-of-the art, pre-assembled professionally
  • container sewage treatment plants are durable and can be installed in restricted space conditions
verbundene Container Kläranlage
FBS Kläranlage von ClearFox

Ready to connect, small sewage treatment plant
System FBS

  • economic and reliable
  • quick and easy installation
  • small maintenance effort
  • compact plastic small sewage treatment plant
Clarifier for water treatment