Home sewage treatment system for a multi-family house

ClearFox® Nature – 60 PE – Home sewage treatment system for a multi family house

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Technical Information


Home sewage treatment system for a multi family house






Non-electric sewage treatment plant in a concrete tank


60 PE


  • Underground installation
  • Fast start-up of the biological cleaning performance


A customer from Hungary asked the ClearFox® team for a biological home sewage treatment system for an apartment building. This was a new construction project, and a wastewater treatment plant was to be part of it. The reason for this was the rural isolation of the residential complex, which is why the customer wanted to be able to discharge the wastewater directly into the environment and use it for watering the green areas.

ClearFox concrete tank for sewage treatment


For this construction project, it made sense to install the sewage treatment plant underground. Therefore, it was also important that the sewage treatment plant be particularly low maintenance. In addition, the client already had firm ideas about the sewage treatment plant, so he had already planned pipe constructions. The customer provided these to the ClearFox® team so that they could plan the treatment solution accordingly.


ClearFox Nature in concrete tank

The solution for this project was a wastewater treatment plant in a concrete tank. For this, PPU offers the ClearFox® Nature, a non-electric wastewater treatment plant that guarantees outstanding purification performance. This is a purely biological treatment process.

The customer wanted the ClearFox® Nature technology in a concrete tank, as this is particularly well suited for underground installation. The ClearFox® team installed the process technology in this concrete tank. They used the drawings they received from the customer to plan the planned pipelines in the best possible way.

The advantage of this plant system was the simple installation and quick commissioning. The ClearFox® engineers supported the builders with drawings and installation instructions. This enabled them to put the system into operation quickly. The full cleaning performance was achieved after only a few days, so that the wastewater could be discharged directly into the environment.

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