Control units for wastewater treatment systems

Control units regulate the ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants and thus ensure optimum cleaning performance. Depending on the project and the treatment plant, different Control units are used. Large, industrial projects differ significantly from small wastewater treatment plants. Customers can also make individual settings and thus adjust the cleaning performance. ClearFox® Control units are high-performance systems that operate the wastewater treatment plants cost-effectively and for a long time.

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ClearFox control units for industrial wastewater treatment

Almost every wastewater treatment plant – apart from the non-electric ClearFox® Nature domestic wastewater treatment plant – consists partly of electrical components such as aeration systems, pumps, compressors, or sensors, without which the plants would not work. A control unit is required for these. This can adapt the cleaning performance to the various conditions, loads and states.

What are the advantages of control units in small wastewater treatment plants?

In the area of small sewage treatment plants, the ClearFox® QuickOne+ is a system that is in great demand. This solution treats domestic wastewater from a load of two person. It is equipped with a powerful aeration system that supplies oxygen to the microorganisms in the wastewater. This produces activated sludge, which can be used for pre-treatment as well as for main treatment. Depending on the wastewater load, more or less activated sludge is required.

Pressure sensors are installed in the aerator plates, which measure the back pressure in the tank. This allows the control unit to determine exactly how much wastewater is flowing into the tank. In this way, it adjusts the cleaning performance of the system. If less wastewater flows into the tank, it switches to energy-saving mode; if it detects an overload, it adjusts the cleaning performance accordingly. In any case, it only consumes as much energy as is necessary for the cleaning performance. This makes the system maximally cost-efficient.

Control units for industrial wastewater treatment plants

In the field of industrial wastewater treatment plants, the control units are also more complex. Here, the sewage treatment plants are usually divided into zones in which the various purification processes take place. Each zone is connected to its own control unit, which is in constant contact with each other. Depending on the signal issued by one zone, the control unit can adjust the cleaning performance of another zone accordingly. ClearFox® thus guarantees energy-efficient and flexible wastewater treatment.

Adaptation of the controls

Every customer has the possibility – within certain limits – to influence the performance of his wastewater treatment plant. In the area of small wastewater treatment plants, this is advantageous for holiday homes, for example. If these are only booked seasonally, switching between two modes is a cost-saving solution.

In the case of industrial wastewater treatment plants, individual adaptation of the treatment performance is much more important. Depending on the production, the customer may produce different types of wastewater. Especially in the food and beverage industry, the wastewater loads can vary daily. This has an influence on the pH value as well as the dissolved and non-dissolved substances. The ClearFox® DAF mixes polymers and flocculants into the wastewater for purification. The control unit regulates the addition, which must be adjusted at regular intervals.

PPU offers various training courses for its control units. These range from personal instruction to video tutorials. Owners of small sewage treatment plants receive an overview of which functions their control unit can cover. Industrial customers receive training on how to make changes to their control unit. In both cases, the ClearFox® service team is available to customers around the clock to provide information in case of questions or suggestions.

ClearFox control units for wastewater treatment systems

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