10 years of ClearFox® Nature domestic wastewater treatment plant

The ClearFox® Nature non-electric domestic wastewater treatment system received its approval for the treatment of domestic wastewater 10 years ago. To date, PPU has sold thousands of small wastewater treatment systems all over the world. The ClearFox® Nature is internationally the leading non-electric small wastewater treatment system.

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Zulassung aus 2012 der ClearFox Nature 4 - 16 EW

ClearFox® Nature certificate of 2012

The ClearFox® Nature domestic wastewater treatment system is market leader today

The ClearFox® Nature was one of the first products of PPU. From the very beginning, the Bayreuth-based company concentrated on the construction of small wastewater treatment plants for domestic use. A few years later, container sewage treatment plants for various industrial applications were added. Today, PPU is the market leader in the field of electroless wastewater treatment with the ClearFox® Nature domestic wastewater treatment plant.

Thanks to the leading innovative spirit of PPU, the development and market launch of the ClearFox® Nature non-electric domestic wastewater treatment plant took only a few years. In 2012, the ClearFox® Nature underwent final test runs with outstanding cleaning performance. PPU therefore worked closely with PIA GmbH – an independent, international testing institute for wastewater technology. This also certified the small wastewater treatment plant’s excellent efficiency, which is why nothing stood in the way of its market launch.

The ClearFox® Nature domestic wastewater treatment system offers numerous advantages

One of the most outstanding features of the ClearFox® Nature is the wastewater treatment without electrical energy. The wastewater first flows into a pre-chamber, where the first coarse solids can settle. When the level in the pre-chamber rises, the wastewater flows into a second chamber with the biological reactor. This consists of a growth material for microorganisms. These settle, grow and treat the contaminants in the wastewater. The result is an activated sludge that rapidly respires further impurities.

ClearFox Nature installed in a garden

The container of the ClearFox® Nature consists of a rotationally moulded plastic. This means that it has no predetermined breaking point, which makes it particularly durable. This makes the tank suitable for both above ground and underground installation, and overload or underload are no challenge. In both cases, the wastewater is suitable for underground infiltration and thus for watering the lawn.

The non-electric small wastewater treatment system is already installed in over 50 countries. It is the most popular domestic wastewater treatment system because it works without filter materials and therefore requires no maintenance. There are hardly any mechanical parts, which is why no spare parts are required. Therefore, there are no operating costs after purchase. For this reason, the ClearFox® Nature has become the market leader in the field of non-electric domestic wastewater treatment over the past 10 years.

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