Wastewater treatment in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

In mid-November, a delegation from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina visited PPU in Bayreuth. The visitors were wastewater experts from both countries. They are trying to continuously expand wastewater treatment in the coming years.

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Need to catch up in wastewater treatment

Delegation from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina at PPU

Wastewater treatment in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina is outdated in many places. Sludge deposits, in particular, are causing an ever-decreasing purification capacity. Since repairs or modernisation are often delayed, wastewater treatment is usually limited to screening. As a result, untreated wastewater is increasingly flowing into the rivers of both countries.

While in urban areas about 85% of all households are connected to the sewage system, in rural areas only about 35 to 45% are. There, domestic wastewater treatment has played a subordinate role so far. For this reason, investments of almost 6 billion euros have been piled up until 2034. To use these investments sensibly, the leading wastewater experts of both countries got to know the solutions of PPU.

ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants lead the industry in domestic wastewater treatment

PPU has almost 15 years of experience in domestic wastewater treatment. The focus is on two systems: on the one hand, small wastewater treatment plants for domestic wastewater treatment, and on the other hand, container solutions for upgrading or relieving municipal wastewater treatment plants.

ClearFox training for wastewater treatment experts
ClearFox wastewater treatment for Serbia

For domestic wastewater treatment, the ClearFox® Nature is the market-leading, non-electric sewage treatment plant. It treats wastewater without electrical power and is certified for a total capacity of up to 50 PE. The use of rotationally moulded plastic tanks makes it particularly suitable for underground installation. The ClearFox® Nature has a highly efficient bioreactor, which promotes the growth of microorganisms and thus respires the impurities in the wastewater.

In the field of municipal wastewater treatment, visitors from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina were particularly interested in the ClearFox® FBBR treatment plants. The fixed-bed technology controls the amount of growing microorganisms, which is why ClearFox® engineers can adjust the treatment performance exactly to the customer’s requirements. Containerised wastewater treatment plants with fixed-bed technology are particularly suitable for international use.

The visitors from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina were enthusiastic about the wastewater treatment solutions offered by PPU. They are therefore very interested in cooperating with the Bayreuth-based company. All parties involved will remain in contact to expand the business relationship.

ClearFox Nature for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

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