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James Clarke

Director for business development, marketing and sales

Personal Data

I am an engineer with a degree and masters qualification in environmental science. I have extensive experience in sales, manufacture and project management across a range of project sizes. I am responsible for managing international business development @ PPU

I enjoy  working at PPU as the company is leading the way in providing innovative solutions to customers all over the world. While PPU is a small, specialist company, we are winning major projects worldwide and making a real impact on the global wastewater treatment sector.

PPU has found the perfect balance between cost and quality for our products and solutions. By using process cutting edge process technology, we are able to produce equipment that simplifies the wastewater treatment process and lowers the OPEX for our customers.

The atmosphere at PPU is very relaxed. Everyone works independently and takes control of their own tasks and responsibilities. Overall, everyone has the same goal or achieving excellence and the workplace reflects this positive attitude.


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