PPU exhibits at the trade show in Wustrow

From 26 to 28 August 2022, PPU will be part of the trade show in Wustrow to showcase our market leading low energy and non-electric wastewater treatment systems. The Bayreuth-based company will focus there on presenting the ClearFox® Nature and ClearFox® QuickOne+ small wastewater treatment plants. With incredible cleaning standards, high strength rotationally moulded tanks, and the lowest running costs on the market, the ClearFox® solutions are the best choice for installers, dealers and private buyers.

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ClearFox soluions on the trade show in Wustow

ClearFox® domestic wastewater treatment plants as part of the trade show in Wustrow

The ClearFox® Nature and the ClearFox® QuickOne+ are the reliable small wastewater treatment plants from PPU. They treat wastewater from individual houses and shared flats, but also from companies where sanitary wastewater is produced. Both solutions are particularly cost-efficient and treat the wastewater biologically. The ClearFox® Nature even works without electricity.

At the trade show in Wustrow, the focus will be on small sewage treatment plants. Through the various trades, the topics of house building and renovation will also play a role for the visitors. The ClearFox® domestic wastewater treatment plants are therefore the ideal solutions for treating wastewater directly on one’s own property. This is particularly advantageous if the house itself is not connected to a public sewer system and thus to a municipal sewage treatment plant.

The ClearFox® domestic wastewater treatment plants offer decisive advantages

The use of a ClearFox® small wastewater treatment plant also brings another decisive advantage: due to the increasingly hot and dry summers, the soil is increasingly lacking a balanced groundwater level throughout the country. The outstanding discharge values of the ClearFox® Nature and the ClearFox QuickOne+ are suitable for underground infiltration via a drainage system. This allows users not only to irrigate their garden permanently underground, but also to counteract the falling groundwater level at specific points.

The ClearFox® domestic wastewater treatment plants are outstanding solutions for various areas of application. Because they are installed in plastic tanks, they are suitable for both aboveground and underground installation. They are space-saving and therefore easy to transport. Due to the reliable biological wastewater treatment, all systems work excellently without the use of chemicals. This makes them among the most popular wastewater treatment systems worldwide.

Every customer of a ClearFox® small wastewater treatment system not only receives an outstanding product at the best price-performance ratio on the market, but also outstanding service. In addition to detailed instruction, the ClearFox® service team is also available at any time after the purchase. Every customer has the opportunity to make small adjustments themselves – but if there are any questions, a technician is also happy to help on site.

Visit the PPU stand at the trade show in Wustrow in the main tent. We look forward to your visit!

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