Retrofit – Upgrading of plastic recycling systems

In recent years, the recycling of plastic has become more and more important. Global plastic pollution is increasing daily, which is why the collection and recycling of plastic is becoming more important. A crucial component of all plastic recycling plants is the washing line, which removes all dirt from the plastic and thus prepares it for actual recycling. This produces wash water, which carries a high dirt load with it. To realise the reuse of the wash water, retrofit solutions are suitable, which upgrade the washing lines and thus enable the reuse of the wash water.

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ClearFox DiOx Retrofit solution

What are retrofit water treatment systems?

Retrofit is the upgrading of existing systems to increase their efficiency. The aim is to avoid the need for a new building or a new acquisition. Often the replacement or purchase of a few components is enough to bring a system up to the current state of the art.

In the field of plastic recycling, retrofit solutions are suitable to enable the reuse of wash water. Since washing plastics requires a lot of water, it makes sense in many respects to treat the used water in such a way that it can be reused in a cycle.

Advantages of retrofit water treatment systems

Recycling plants can achieve numerous benefits by using retrofit water treatment plants. Some of the most important advantages are:

Better quality of the recycled plastic. By treating the wash water, impurities and foreign materials are removed, resulting in better wash water quality. This also improves the quality of the recycled plastic.

Cost savings. Efficient treatment of the wash water reduces the costs for fresh water supply and wastewater disposal.

Sustainability. The reduced need for fresh water and the low volume of wastewater sustainably protect the environment.

Compliance with environmental regulations. Many countries have strict environmental regulations for recycling plants, especially regarding wash water consumption and wastewater disposal. By using retrofit water treatment plants, these requirements can be better met.

ClearFox DAF retrofit solution
ClearFox FBBR retrofit solution

What retrofit solutions does ClearFox® offer for wash water treatment?

PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH offers three retrofit solutions to upgrade existing washing lines and enable the reuse of wash water.

Dissolved air flotation. The ClearFox® DAF is a highly efficient flotation system suitable for wastewater from industrial and production processes. It is a chemical-physical treatment process to reduce oils, fats, TSS, COD and BOD5 by up to 99 percent.

Fixed Bed Biological Reactor. The ClearFox® FBBR is a biological treatment process that uses microorganisms and adapted aeration intervals to break down a large part of the organic pollutant load.

Advanced oxidation. The ClearFox® DiOx complements both of the above technologies to enable the reuse of wash water. These are diamond electrodes, which are immersed in the wastewater as an anode and cathode. By adding electricity, the technology oxidises the contaminants and thus creates a very high standard of purification.

All retrofit solutions from PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH can either be mounted on rack and thus integrated directly into the water cycle or installed in an ISO sea container, making the treatment plant mobile and modular.

Do you have questions about upgrading your plastics recycling plant? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal.

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