Potable & drinking water from wastewater in Nigeria by Clearfox®

James Clarke in NigeriaPotable and drinking water from wastewater in Nigeria by Clearfox® systems
Nigeria in West Africa is one of the most important countries on the African continent. The country is very dynamic and rapidly expanding, but this can lead to a water deficiency for their population and for industry. Our sales manager, James Clarke, met with a delegation of water specialists from Nigeria in in July 2017 to offer wastewater treatment solutions in this region.

Containerized wastewater treatment systems

Clearfox® containerized wastewater and water treatment systems can treat any water that requires cleaning. The moble and containerised systems are able to clean wastewater to a very high level so that it meets all local fresh water requirements and regulations. The water can be used for process water, irrigation and even as a source of drinking water. This helps to secure the water supply in an economically viable and sustainable manner in the long term.

Wastewater treatment plants installed in every west african country

Clearfox is a specialist company for manufacturing, producing, installing and servicing packaged water and wastewater treatment systems in all over the world. We work together with a network of partner companies, which can provide local backup and support for our products and services.

To date we have containerised wastewater treatment plants installed in every west african country, including nigeria, ghana, mali and liberia. These systems are installed for a variety of applications, including hotels, worker camps, military camps and other commercial applications.

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