Wastewater treatment solution for a hospital


ClearFox® SBR system is the perfect wastewater treatment solution for a hospital in Iran


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ClearFox SBR for hospital wastewater
ClearFox SBR for sanitary wastewater
ClearFox hospital wastewater treatment


Wastewater treatment solution for a hospital






1000 PE


ClearFox® SBR equipment for installation in an underground concrete tank


  • Instructions for the construction of a concrete tank
  • Training for the installation
  • Delivery of a reliable system


ClearFox® offers the perfect wastewater treatment solution for hospitals with its wide range of systems. For this reason, a business partner from Iran requested an SBR wastewater treatment solution for a hospital in the northwest of the country. The wastewater comes from three sources: Firstly, the hospital produces sanitary wastewater, which is generated in the showers and toilets. Furthermore, cleaning water is produced, which is used to wash the floors and clean the working materials. In addition, the hospital regularly washes the patients’ hospital clothes. In total, a daily wastewater volume of about 1000 PE is generated.


The challenge in this project was the components of the wastewater. Due to the various sources, cleaning agents, coarse contaminants, germs, bacteria, and drug residues mix into the wastewater. These can severely pollute the environment if they enter the groundwater untreated. In addition, the wastewater accumulates irregularly. While the wastewater flow increases during the day, it decreases again at night.


For this project, the customer built an underground concrete tank in which the wastewater treatment takes place with the ClearFox® SBR system. The project planners on site regularly communicated with ClearFox® engineers to meet all requirements. These included the footprint of the tank, the total volume, supports for pipes and openings for pipe access. With the ClearFox® team’s years of experience, building the concrete tank was not a challenge.

The ClearFox® team supplied the complete SBR equipment for the installation on site for this project. For this, the Bayreuth-based company trained the customer online. After the successful installation, the wastewater can flow into the SBR reactor, which compensates for the fluctuating inflows. A high-performance aeration system supplies the microorganisms with sufficient oxygen. This allows them to develop and treat the contaminants in the wastewater. With its SBR solutions, ClearFox® offers reliable, cost-effective, high-performance, and energy-saving systems for all areas of application.

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