Wastewater treatment system for a waste disposal company in Saudi Arabia

pH Neutralization wastewater treatment with ClearFox® mobile container system

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Technical Information




Saudi Arabia


ClearFox® Container neutralization Plant


161 m³/d (6,7 m³/h

Effluent quality

Direct discharge


pH neutralization unit


1. Main inflow: pH 0-1 (inorganic acids), or pH 3-5 (organic acids and partially pre-diluted inorganic acids)
2. Inflow of bases: pH 13-14
3. Water inflow (dilution)
Drain: pH 6-9


Acidic and partly basic liquids from oil rigs, pH neutralization in a single container


The extraction of crude oil, as well as its processing and transport is essential to maintain the economy.

Our client is one of the largest waste management companies in the region, acting as a service provider for a company that produces crude oil. During drilling operations, a wide variety of liquids are produced that need to be treated and neutralized.




During oil production on a drilling platform, liquid waste is produced in the form of strong acids and sometimes also as strong alkalis. In order for these liquids to be handled, an intermediate step must be carried out to bring all inflows to a comparably neutral pH level.

The plant doing this has to be easy to use, installed in a single ClearFox® container  and capable of carrying out the neutralization process continuously.


Both inflows lead into a buffer, which serves as a buffer and at the same time gives the customer the possibility to carry out a certain pre-neutralization by a charging management.

A mixing tank in the form of a batch treatment process, which is mixed using the mammoth pump principle, ensures that the liquid waste is treated. First, two dosing pumps dose chemicals for pH neutralisation. Water is fed into the tank during the mixing process as a support. This makes all moving parts outside the buffer and mixing tank in the ClearFox® container comparatively easy to maintain. The process of ph Neutralization is rounded off by two control units that regulate this process.


Technical Data

pH Neutralizaition
  • pH Neutralization unit
  • Capacity: 161 m³/d (6.7 m³/h)
  • Input: liquids with pH 0-14, mostly acids

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