Landfill Leachate

ClearFox® are specialists in the design and manufacture of plug and play modular solutions for landfill leachate. Our technical ability and experience make us the best choice for your project. With our range of modular, plug and play solutions, we can build a turnkey wastewater treatment plant for handling landfill leachate with any composition. We provide complete turnkey solutions for flowrates between 1 m³/hr to 400 m³/hr.


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Landfill is the most common way to eliminate municipal solid wastes. In general, landfills contain a mixture of materials which are highly inhomogeneous, including a very high organic component as well as soluble mineral substances. This generates heavily polluted leachates, which arise primarily due to rainwater seeping through the landfill, and from the moisture of the waste itself. Also it can occur from groundwater ingress due to inadequately sealed landfill liners.

This presents significant variations in volumetric flow and chemical composition. Untreated leachate is hazardous to the environment if allowed to enter water systems, forcing government authorities to implement increasingly stringent regulations for pollution control and landfill wastewater treatment.

Normally it is sufficient to treat the landfill leachate to a quality that meets the standards so that it can be discharged to the nearest municipal wastewater treatment plant for further processing. Should this not be possible, it can be necessary to treat the leachate to meet the requirements for direct discharge into a river, stream or lake.


We have a range of process technologies that can be combined in a modular arrangement to deal with any type of wastewater.
These include pre-treatment, dissolved air flotation, ozonation, biological treatmentclarifiers, disinfection.

We can combine multiple process technologies to provide a bespoke, modular solution for each individual project. Our solutions are backed by performance guarantees and we have 24/7 remote monitoring systems available.


The technology and process steps used vary from project to project. But generally they include Precipitation, Flocculation, Dissolved Air Flotation, Ozone Treatment, Denitrification, Nitrification, Fuzzy Filtration, Activated Carbon Adsorption.

Pictures of the installed system and processes

Mixing sections for precipitation/flocculation and oxygen saturation; chemical treatment (emulsion splitting, precipitation, flocculation), pH adjustment, buffering and nutrients adjustment
Ozone treatment Cracking into degradable organics, reducing COD, providing carbon source for denitrification of nitrate, control of nitrite hyperboloid mixer system optional methanol dosing, recirculation BOD from Ozon Circle
twin daf
Twin Dissolved Air Flotation – DAF Floating of oil, floatable matter, Fine separation of TSS and split flocculated material Sludge discharge into a sludge funnel and pumped to thickening

landfill solutions for wastewater

Control cabinet for connected power 100 kilowatt, touch panels, SCADA System to main unit, Frequency controllers, flow controls, etc

landfill leachate

Lamella clarifiers, sludge return and side channel blower battery with splitter

wastewater treatment landfill

Nitrification reactors, cascades FBR-reactors, the Sea container are outside the building, they are weather protected and insulated

landfill leachate treatment

Independent reactors, flow splitting, manual change between gravity flow for nitrification- denitrifcation as per demand Fuzzy filtration and activated carbon filters for adsorption trace substances, pesticides and finally polishing effluent as police function

The wastewater can be led through several process steps. These can be like in the pictures above. The process is fully automatic and the daily flowrate, which is depending on the rainfall can be adjusted manually. All steps can be bypassed, and the flow can be reversed by manually switching valves (i.e. if more nitrate in raw water, then first denitrification, then nitrification).

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