Industrial wastewater equipment for a meat processing company

ClearFox® industrial wastewater equipment for a meat processing company in Bulgaria

Food industry

Industrial wastewater equipment for a meat processing company

ClearFox® industrial wastewater equipment for a meat processing company in Bulgaria

Food industry

Project Details

Size 200 m³/day
Location Bulgaria
Completed 2016

Project Delivery

Features Quick installation on site through Plug & Play
Treatment Modules
  pH neutralisation
ClearFox® FBBR
ClearFox® DAF
ClearFox® sludge dewatering

Project Results

Before After
COD 3000 mg/l <250 mg/l
BOD 1200 mg/l <50 mg/l



A meat processing company from Bulgaria needed industrial wastewater equipment. A high standard of hygiene is particularly important in the food industry. The cleaning of all work surfaces, machines and tools produces wastewater, which every meat processing company has to clean with industrial wastewater equipment.

When animals are processed into meat or sausage, mainly organic substances mix into the wastewater. These are mainly blood, fats, oils and urine. In addition, there are solids such as fat or meat residues and cleaning agents. These are easily biodegradable but must not be released into the environment without treatment. The industrial wastewater equipment consisting of screening, flotation and biological treatment is the best solution.


Wastewater from the meat processing company is produced very irregularly. While more wastewater is produced during the week, almost no wastewater is produced after work or at weekends. The industrial wastewater equipment must therefore have a buffer tank that first receives the wastewater and passes it on to the respective treatment stages of the industrial wastewater equipment.

In addition, the wastewater is slightly acidic because the animal contaminants mix into the wastewater. The oils and fats also produce a high BOD and COD. The customer wanted industrial wastewater equipment that would allow him to discharge the treated wastewater directly into a public body of water.


For the customer, the ideal industrial wastewater equipment consists of a screening device, a ClearFox® DAF, a ClearFox® fixed bed biological reactor and a sludge dewatering system. The screening device retains all coarse contaminants such as grease or meat residues. The ClearFox® DAF is a flotation unit that uses flocculation aids to bind the suspended solids and discharge them as sludge. It thus mainly removes the oils and fats and prepares the wastewater for the biological stage.

In the ClearFox® fixed bed biological reactor, microorganisms metabolise the substances dissolved in the wastewater and convert them into secondary sludge. This creates a clear water zone that the company can discharge into the environment without hesitation. A sludge dewatering unit first separates all remaining solids from the water via a fine screen. The sludge is then fed into a hydraulic press, which further dewaters the sludge. This reduces the storage capacity of the sludge, which leads to a cost reduction for the company.

For this project, the ClearFox® team took over the complete planning of the industrial wastewater equipment, the delivery, the installation and the instruction of the employees on site. Due to the plug & play principle of ClearFox®, the installation time was limited to one day.

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