ClearFox® Retrofitting and Retrofitting Kits

Basically, we offer technical equipment for sewage treatment plants for nearly every size range and each target group.

We make a differentiation between:

  • ClearFox® retrofitting for small sewage treatment plants for
    4 up to 32 population equivalents ( private )
  • ClearFox® retrofitting kits for 4 – 20.000 population equivalents
    (municipality or industry)
Die ergänzung zu ihrer vorhanden Grube

Image: Retrofitting ClearFox® for existing prechamber

Retrofitting ClearFox® nature bio module

For updating treatment chambers / TGL small sewage treatment plants and multicompartment septic tanks

Older cesspools and multi-compartment septic tanks (built before 1990 on the basis of TGL 7762) and traditional “self-made solutions” are still used by thousands of people, according to current statistics.

According to analyzes of associations for sewage treatment and expert studies, the largest proportion of plants does not meet the treatment requirements of the EU and may not safely meet structural requirements of the EU and other countries.

Many home owners will need to build a new fully biological small sewage treatment plant or restore their existing septic tank at the latest plus retrofitting of a fully biological cleaning stage.

The bio module can also be incorporated into an existing treatment or collecting chamber (man holes). This requires an inspection of the existing wastewater plant by a specialised company and a confirmation of its fitness. Often the biomodule is just placed behind the existing waste water system to improve the effluentrate.

In order to retrofit an existing chamber, the following is required:

  • Proof of durability
  • Proof of structural safety
  • Proof of water tightness

You will find further data in the general building-authority approval and the BDZ information about the assessment of the fitness for restoration of existing tanks for small sewage treatment plants from mineral building material BDZ – I 104, which was published in germany.

ClearFox SBR Anlage für mehr als 10 Einwohner

Image: Retrofitting kit ClearFox® for existing tank.

ClearFox® retrofitting kits for sewage treatment plants 4 – 20.000 EP

Our kits are complete, factory pre-assembled retrofitting sets for sewage treatment plants, which are produced individually for the specific existing customer tank.

The tanks can be constructed of any material (e.g. concrete, GRP, plastic, etc.).

The only requirement is, that the tanks must be corrosion resistant against wastewater and strong enough to support the static load of water filling and, in case of underground construction, of the earth pressure.

Existing old chambers have to be leak-tested.

So wether you are a tank producer or having an existing clients tank we find a solution to retrofit it and improve the  effluent.

A leak test is a pre-requisite for the installation of our technology.

Some procedures (such as SBR) require absolute leak tightness within a chamber. For this purpose, we offer complete retrofitting tanks (module). They can be easily installed downstream of existing chambers.

By using high quality components, we guarantee permanent and trouble-free operation. The kits convince due to their simple and quick installation. Operation is fully automatic. To save energy we have an integrated energy saving mode which makes the sewage treatment plant adapt to the actual sewage volume.

The smaller plants normally work with clog-free and maintenance-free airlift-pumps. No electrical and rotating parts in the wastewater which could clog or block.

We have small sewage treatment plants design approvals for SBR and fluidized bed procedure and energy-less biofilm plants with filtration effect.

Dimensioning of the kits according to EN 12566-3 or ATV/DWA M-210 and CE and according to the general building-authority application approval (DIBt Berlin). We offer schematics with corresponding volume data concerning the small standard area (small sewage treatment plants and small-scale sewage treatment plants) for download. Of course, you can always contact us!

If you are an industrial or municipal customer, project planning is generally required. We offer the complete package, from electronic technology up to machine technology, as well as the prior restoration of existing sewage treatment plants. Component delivery or completely new plants.

Our pre-assembled module solutions or our mobile sewage treatment plants (Clearfox® container sewage treatment plants) are suitable for this purpose.

Please contact us.

We are happy to compose an individual offer for you. Let’s discuss your requirements together.