The ClearFox® QuickOne+ completely biological best domestic sewage treatment plant which impresses even on hot days


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domestic treatment plant

The person who owns a completely biological domestic sewage treatment plant should make sure that the internal temperature does not rise above 50°C on hot summer days. Because if this happens the bacteria can be affected. They lose efficiency and perish. ClearFox® QuickOne+ is designed in such a way that the system components cool each other down. This means that the cleaning efficiency remains unchanged even on hot days. 

Correct temperature is important, because anyone who treats their wastewater biologically relies on the cleaning power of bacteria. Of course, this has advantages: low power consumption, a small ecological footprint and less maintenance. But bacteria are living beings that, like all organisms, can only exist under certain conditions. This includes a certain temperature range. On hot summer days, the temperatures in domestic sewage treatment plant, just like in a car, can easily rise above 50°C. The cultures used in biological wastewater treatment systems stop working and die at 50°C maximum. This is because the heat damages the cell walls, which inevitably leads to the death of the bacteria. 

What are the consequences of overheating domestic sewage treatment plants?

The consequence of such an overheating is the failure of the entire plant. Since biological treatment is a cycle consisting of several process steps, if one of them fails the treatment will not take place. Creating a new bacterial culture usually takes six to eight weeks, during which time the system does not operate to full capacity. 

One solution is the ClearFox® Quickone+. It is a fully biological domestic sewage treatment plant, which has a very high purification rate thanks to SBR technology. Thanks to a special design, the system components protect each other against overheating: The compressor – the air blower required for the system – is built into the tank. Thus there is constant air circulation in the tank, which avoids the build-up of heat. Other systems usually have a separate side room in which the compressor is installed. PPU Umwelttechnik has deliberately chosen this construction method to offer customers a decisive advantage. This process makes ClearFox® Quickone+ suitable for both above-ground and underground installation.  

weatherproof domestic sewage treatment plant
biological domestic sewage treatment plant

Domestic sewage treatment plant prices

Every project is unique. This is because, especially in the private sector, every customer has their own requirements for the cleaning performance of their domestic sewage treatment plant. The ClearFox® team has specialised in meeting the customers’ requirements. On the one hand, there may be a requirement to discharge into the municipal sewage treatment plant, which homeowners cannot avoid. In this case, pre-treatment is usually sufficient – treatment to drinking water level is not necessary. On the other hand customers want the wastewater to be treated so that they can put it into a domestic cycle. In this way, the treated wastewater is suitable for hygienic processes or for watering the garden. The most important factor is the source from which the wastewater originates. This determines the various dissolved substances contained in the wastewater. These can be fats and oils originating from the kitchen, soaps and detergents, as well as individual residues related to household habits. For these reasons, it is not possible to determine the costs of a domestic sewage treatment plant in advance. 

If you want to buy a domestic sewage treatment plant, you need individual consultation. 

A fully biological domestic sewage treatment plant is an individual project that requires detailed planning. Regional peculiarities play just as much a role as the treatment wishes of the customer. Standard solutions in the field of municipal wastewater treatment will have no chance to react to individual wishes or changing environmental conditions in the future. Often it is necessary to buy expensive additions to the existing domestic sewage treatment plant, which could have been avoided by consulting. As the ClearFox® team offers a range of domestic sewage treatment plant for every need, it is important to understand the customer and their wishes and to find the right solution for their challenges. It is important for everyone who wants to buy a domestic sewage treatment plant to receive professional support and consultation. 

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