ClearFox® DAF prevents the formation of fatbergs and solves fat, oil and grease wastewater discharge problems in accordance with licence requirements

Many food factories producing industrial wastewater can have extremely high levels of fat, oil and grease in their wastewater. To avoid fatbergs, the wastewater must be treated properly.
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fatbergs avoiding with ClearFox® DAF
Even when discharging treated industrial wastewater from the food and beverage sector into a public sewer, to prevent fatbergs, fat, oil and grease (FOGs) must be removed.

High levels of fat, oil and grease (FOGs) in the wastewater can also cause a dramatic increase in COD levels in wastewater.

Food industries that produce wastewater with a high level of oil and grease include the following:

  • Abattoirs
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Potato chip processors
  • Bakeries
  • Confectionary factories
  • Dairies
  • Fish factories

In addition to creating problems, high levels of fat, oil and grease can also have a negative effect on the biological treatment of wastewater when discharged into the public sewer (fatbergs). They can also negatively affect the pH of the wastewater and increase BOD and COD.

Many water utilities that own and operate public sewer networks now require >95% FOGs removal from the wastewater prior to discharging it into a sewer to avoid a fatbergs.

PPU has developed a specific model of dissolved air flotation with extremely high removal efficiencies for fat, oil and grease. Removal rates of up to 99% can be achieves with our modified DAF, that prevents creation of fatbergs.

Prevention of fetbergs creation with DAF
fatbergs prevention with ClearFox® DAF

Extremely high removal rates, for FOGS that prevents creation of fatbergs, is not the only one unique feature of the ClearFox® DAF.

The ClearFox® DAF is also cylindrical in shape. This means that no fat, oils and grease can gather in corners of the flotation reactor and can´t create fatbergs. While these may appear to be small unique selling points, these allow the ClearFox® DAF to achieve a higher cleaning efficiency for fat and oil when compared to other DAF units.

In place of a mechanical scraper that moves by a chain, the ClearFox® DAF collects, compresses and removes sludge automatically by using compressed air. This means fewer moving parts, less maintrance, and the need to clean fat, oil and grease from the scraper plates is also removed. This represents a significant OPEX cost reduction when compared to conventional rectangular DAF models.

If a food and beverage factory is looking for fat, oil and grease removal in order to comply with a discharge license, the ClearFox® DAF represents the most cost effective solution with the highest treatment efficiency.

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