PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH is participating in a digital event in Malaysia

PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH is a member of German water partnership

Today, the 19th of April 2021, PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH is participating in a digital event focused on the water sector in Malaysia. PPU will present information on our decentralised, and industrial wastewater treatment solutions.

The event is being hosted by German water partnership in conjunction with their partners in the Malaysia.

In Malaysia, producers of industrial wastewater are required to have their own wastewater treatment systems. The operation and compliance of these wastewater treatment systems is regulated by the Department of environment.

The largest sources of industrial wastewater in Malaysia include the food and beverage sector, pulp and paper sector, palm oil, rubber and textiles.

Based on recent inspections by the Department of environment, there is a significant amount of non-compliance with existing industrial wastewater treatment systems at factories throughout the country. Many of these wastewater treatment plants are underperforming and unable to meet effluent standards.

The majority of these industrial wastewater treatment plants and equipment are imported into Malaysia. This can result in a higher cost, making it difficult for many factories to finance wastewater treatment plants. This has led many companies to the use of low-cost or locally produced wastewater treatment equipment which do  not perform.

PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH has a range of cost-effective industrial wastewater treatment solutions. As we are already active in a number of low-cost countries around the world, we have a unique understanding of how to effectively clean industrial wastewater while minimising CAPEX and OPEX. With the correct selection of equipment, industrial wastewater treatment can be affordable for any factory.

For example, by installing a ClearFox® DAF, over 90% of certain pollutants can be removed from industrial wastewater. Because our DAF has such a high treatment efficiency, it can be possible to clean industrial wastewater using only one process step.

The ClearFox® range of products includes physical, chemical, and biological wastewater treatment process technologies. With this full range of process technologies, we can clean wastewater from any industrial sector.

If you would like to speak to us about compliance with industrial wastewater treatment, please contact us today for free no obligation consultation with a specialist.

ClearFox Presentation in Malaysia

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