PPU in the Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact

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Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact

On 25 July, Bavaria’s State Minister for the Environment and Consumer Protection, Thorsten Glauber, honoured PPU. For this purpose, he visited the company in the building of the government of Upper Franconia. He accepted the Bayreuth-based company into the Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact. 

Being a member of the Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact means: Being personally honoured by the State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection. This was the case last Monday when Mr Thorsten Glauber, State Minister for the Environment and Consumer Protection, visited PPU at the governments headquarter in Upper Franconia. He brought both the certificate and his congratulations. 

Environmental projects are the focus of the Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact 

PPU has been involved in environmental protection for 13 years. Starting with the construction of small sewage treatment plants, it now produces solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment for national and international companies. The core business is the construction of plants in sea containers to facilitate international transport on the one hand, and to offer mobile and compact plants for every area of application on the other.  

Containerised construction is suitable for numerous environmental projects, not only for sewage treatment plant construction. PPU recognised this potential and invested in research and development right from the start. Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Pöhnl, managing director of the Bayreuth-based company, sees great potential for the future in his projects: “By mid-2023, we will offer 80 percent recyclable, metal-free batteries in containers using the redox flow process,” says Pöhnl. 

The Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact awards prizes to future projects

PPU combines the environmental projects with a photovoltaic system on the company’s roof. It will supply the energy to drive another future project – the production of hydrogen. This is an energy carrier and is the focus of Bavaria’s efforts to protect the environment. 

“The PPU has an underground rainwater storage tank. So far, the water has mainly been used to test the container sewage treatment plants for leaks and to flush the toilets. We now want to use some of it to produce hydrogen,” Pöhnl describes. One area of application is the refuelling of hydrogen vehicles. The focus here is not only on the company cars, but also on the forklift trucks that are in daily use. 

Wolfgang Pöhnl has his eye on the future above all: “We will always question and further optimise our work and production processes. In the future, we will initiate further environmental projects that serve to protect our planet,” Pöhnl concludes. 

Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact

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