Company portrait of the PPU in the Nordbayerischer Kurier

The Nordbayerischer Kurier used the reopening of the main production building to publish a company portrait about PPU Umwelttechnik. In doing so, it went into the development of the company, some realised projects as well as the business development. The company portrait provided a comprehensive insight into the company.

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At the beginning of October 2021, PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH opened its main production building in Carl-Kolb-Straße, in the Oschenberg industrial estate on the outskirts of Bayreuth. The company not only celebrated the completion of the building, but also had to cancel its 10th anniversary due to the pandemic. The PPU also made up for this with the celebrations. On this occasion, several regional newspapers visited the company – the Nordbayerischer Kurier dedicated a company portrait to the company.

The company portrait sheds light on the company history

At the beginning, the journal went into the career of managing director Wolfgang Pöhnl and his founding idea for the company. From being a car mechanic, to studying in Regensburg, to founding the company, Pöhnl developed an exemplary CV. The now 57-year-old saw a great need for solutions for industrial wastewater treatment. The demand to serve this market prompted Pöhnl to found his company.

PPU Umwelttechnik company portrait of Nordbayerischer Kurier

The company portrait also highlighted the possibilities the company has today. The customers come from different sectors such as food processing, beverage production or the textile industry. But also the oil and gas producing sector produces wastewater, which the ClearFox® treatment plants purify. The systems are located in hot deserts or in cold Siberia and therefore have to perform a reliable cleaning job even under the most adverse conditions.

The company portrait describes PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH in detail

In the company portrait, the Nordbayerischer Kurier also describes the challenges that the company still faces with each project today. Every request is unique. The focus is not only on the wastewater components, but also on the individual conditions on site. Therefore, the PPU responds to each customer and develops a wastewater treatment plant that meets his or her requirements.

Wolfgang Pöhnl employs 36 people in his company, and he plans to expand his staff by four in the coming months. Annual turnover has been stable at 16 million euros in recent years. The corona pandemic had hardly any influence on this. One disadvantage, however, were the travel restrictions. On the one hand, this delayed the completion of larger projects, and on the other hand, it meant that it was no longer possible to send service staff to the projects to carry out the commissioning of the sewage treatment plant or maintenance work.

The company portrait of the Nordbayerischer Kurier takes a comprehensive look at the development of PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH. It was published on 25 October 2021 both in print and in the online edition.

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