ClearFox® Wastewater Solutions for Landfill

ClearFox are specialists in the design and manufacture of plug and play modular solutions for landfill leachate.

Our technical ability and experience make us the best choice for your project.

We have a range of process technologies that can be combined in a modular arrangement to deal with any type of wastewater.
These include pre-treatment, dissolved air flotation, ozonation, biological treatmentclarifiers, disinfection.

ClearFox modular industrial wastewater solutions have the following advantages:

  • Low operation costs
  • Modular
  • Automatic operation
  • Low purchase price
  • Process and effluent guarantees

Application Description

Landfill is the most common way to eliminate municipal solid wastes. In general, landfills contain a mixture of materials which are highly inhomogeneous, in¬cluding a very high organic component as well as soluble mineral substances. This generates heavily polluted leachates, which arise primarily due to rainwater seeping through the landfill, and from the moisture of the waste itself. Also it can occur from groundwater ingress due to inadequately sealed landfill liners.

This presents significant variations in volumetric flow and chemical composition. Untreated leachate is hazardous to the environment if allowed to enter water systems, forcing government authorities to implement increasingly stringent regulations for pollution control and landfill wastewater treatment.

Normally it is sufficient to treat the landfill leachate to a quality that meets the standards so that it can be discharged to the nearest municipal wastewa¬ter treatment plant for fur¬ther processing. Should this not be possible, it can be necessary to treat the leachate to meet the requirements for direct dis¬charge into a river, stream or lake.

Wastewater Composition

The wastewater has high and variable concentration of dissolved solids, dissolved and colloidal organics, heavy metals and xenobiotic organics.

Wastewater Charecteristics

The leachate is usually of a higher temperature than the groundwater in the area due to exothermal processes inside the landfill and is usually turbid, brown in colour, with a very strong odour.

Case Studie

Over the past 20 years, the Clearfox Team has successfully designed many plants all over Europe.

Drone flight over a FBBR at a landfill site in Germany:

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