ClearFox® offers wastewater treatment solution with local partners in Indonesia

ClearFox partnersIndonesia has a population of more than 250 Million people. Especially on the Islands of Jawa, Bali, Nusa Tanggara, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua they are often faced with highly polluted rivers. The sources for any pollution can be domestic, agriculture, livestock and smaller industrial applications as well in very sensitive region also from tourism.

Together with our local partner company ClearFox® solutions are successfully installed in Indonesia in order to reduce the water pollution.

Our local partners visited the workshop in Germany.

Our Indonesian partner company visited us on 19/04/05 at our production facility in Germany. Here various ongoing projects for the tourism industry were discussed. Furthermore, the course was set to bring cost-efficient wastewater solutions on the Indonesian market, which is largely produced locally by using approved German technology.
Basically, for ClearFox® Indonesia, focus is at the following solutions:

Retrofitting of existing septic tanks and aerated lagoons

Decentralized small scale community systems

Retrofitting of overloaded biological systems

Containerized plug&play solutions

Packaged systems for hotels

Domestic wastewater treatment units

A big advantage is, that the solutions can be offered out of one single source in Indonesia.
So from the first site visit, designing, drawings and also also laboraty tests can be offered in order to find always the economically best solutions at a high level of quality.

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