Biofilm Plant with filtering Effect

ClearFox® nature is designed as a biofilm plant with filtering effect. This means that the relationshop between the active cleaning surface and the hollow space volume is optimised, contrary to the situation in pure filter plants. In practice, this leads to a exceptional cleaning performance of household wastewater without running the risk of clogging.

The sedentary medium of the ClearFox® nature is the only material in the small sewage treatment plants without power requirement which do not fray out mechanically – unlike the ones on mineral base – and which are resistant to biological degradation.

The biofilm sedentary medium has been developed exclusively for ClearFox®. Contrary to the direct use of natural materials or materials created on a mineral basis, highly efficient technical plastic media has been developed specifically for wastewater cleaning. Natural processes were used as a basis and transferred smartly to technical materials with precisely specified properties for the colonisation of biofilm and cleaning wastewater.

The used plastics are resistant to bio degradation and against acids, bases, most chemicals, greases and oxidants. They are neither damaged nor destroyed.

ClearFox® nature fulfils the globally highest requirements and is tested and approved according to DIN EN 12566 part 3 and DIN EN 12566 part 6 and CE certified.

The procedure of cleaning with the help of biofilms combined with filtration, developed by PPU and used for the first time in small sewage treatment plants replaces the outdated pure filtration procedures.

ClearFox® nature is an innovative process backed by many years of practical experience. Its success within a short period of time proves its advantages compared to other systems. This many satisfied customers can’t be wrong.

ClearFox Nature non electric domestic sewage treatment plant

Characteristics of the sedentary medium:

  • Rot resistance for its lifetime
  • Recyclable after decades
  • Developed exclusively for wastewater cleaning
  • High specific surface for biofilm growth
  • Maximum hollow space volume
  • Clog-free

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