Airlift pumps

For all ClearFox® – sewage treatment plants we use only
airlift pumps, if technically possible (approx. up to 300 PE). Airlift-pumps work according to an efficient and siumltaneously simple system. Due to its simplicity and the absence of moved parts, airlift-pumps are as good as immune to clogging. Sewage treatment plants with airlift-pump technology


  • no rotating parts in the water
  • no powered parts in the water
  • higher efficiency compared to electric pumps
  • (nearly) infinite service life
  • no “destruction” of organisms
  • no clogging like electric pumps

The basic principle of an airlift-pump is shown in the diagram below.
ClearFox® airlift-pumps have been developed specifically for sewage treatment plants.

Eine Pumpe die ohne beweget Teile funktioniert

Airlift Pump / Mammutpumpe

The water is pumped via air-injection at the lower part of the pump. The combination of simple but durable technology is perfectly suited to pump wastewater or biomass in sewage treatment plants.