Acceptance test from TÜV for PPU Umwelttechnik

On Thursday 8 April 2021, an acceptance test was carried out by TÜV Nuremberg on our premises at Carl-Kolb-Str. 6.

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ClearFox® wwt acceptance test

The denitrification unit, which is part of the entire wastewater treatment plant for our Amal Petrojet 21008 project, was tested.

The scope of the tests was:

  • Inspection of the internal quality documents (protocol of the function test / protocol of the assembly instructions as well as the performed individual inspections of each construction stage)
  • Inspection regarding compliance with contractual provisions (scope of delivery identical with quotation and order)
  • Completeness check of the components used (parts list check)
  • Final visual inspection of the entire denitrification container

After successful inspection of the entire container as well as the individual inlets, the acceptance could be completed satisfactorily, and a conformity of all documents could be certified.

This ensures that our customer receives a technically flawless plant and that our high-quality requirements are optimally implemented.

ClearFox® wwt acceptance test

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