PPU presented its solutions at the 19th Workshop “Maintenance of Small Sewage Treatment Plants”

The Saxony/Thuringia regional association of the DWA organises an annual workshop on the maintenance of small wastewater treatment plants. PPU received an invitation to present its expertise in this field. The focus was also on an exchange of information.

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ClearFox small sewage treatment systems

ClearFox® experts at the 19th workshop “Maintenance of small wastewater treatment plants”

At the 19th workshop “Maintenance of Small Sewage Treatment Plants”, PPU, as the manufacturer of ClearFox® small sewage treatment plants, once again exhibited. The focus was on the ClearFox® QuickOne+ and the ClearFox® Nature. Both solutions are small sewage treatment plants for domestic wastewater treatment, which can treat a load of four or more people. After treatment, the wastewater is suitable for underground drainage or for discharge into a receiving water body.

The workshop focused on two topics: on the one hand, the purchase of a small wastewater treatment plant with installation, and on the other hand, its maintenance. In addition, there were technical presentations in which PPU participated. Since the Bayreuth-based company was also represented with a stand, it was well attended to exchange opinions and experiences. The talks went into great depth and delved into the world of small wastewater treatment plants. The target group was on the one hand maintenance companies and on the other hand private customers of small wastewater treatment plants.

ClearFox® small wastewater treatment plants are outstanding systems

With its ClearFox® Nature, PPU offers a particularly energy-efficient solution, as it works completely without electricity. The small wastewater treatment plant consists of two chambers – a pre-chamber and a biological reactor. The first, coarse solids settle in the pre-chamber. When the water level in it reaches a certain height, it flows into the biological reactor. There, the wastewater is treated by microorganisms. The wastewater is self-draining, so cleaning or desludging is rarely necessary.

ClearFox experts at DWA workshop

With the ClearFox® QuickOne+, PPU offers a particularly cost-effective solution for domestic wastewater treatment. This is a single-chamber system that aerates the wastewater at efficient intervals. This provides the microorganisms in the wastewater with oxygen, allowing them to grow and respire the organic contaminants. In the process, they form an activated sludge that further supports future wastewater treatment.

The ClearFox® small sewage treatment plants are ideal solutions for domestic wastewater treatment. Therefore, the demand for information at the 19th workshop “Maintenance of small wastewater treatment plants” was particularly high. With its expertise and systems, PPU offers a fully comprehensive package for private individuals, dealers, installers, and civil engineering companies. Contact us to provide you with the best possible support as well.

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