ClearFox® team conducted DAF training for wastewater treatment in vegetable processing

On Wednesday 21 September, a customer from Slovenia visited PPU in Bayreuth. For him, the ClearFox® team built a DAF that will treat the wastewater in a vegetable processing company. To enable him to set up the dissolved air flotation system correctly and put it into operation, he received comprehensive training.

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ClearFox DAF dosing section

Customer takes an interest in DAF training

The ClearFox® DAF is integrated into the company’s production processes. It is mounted on a rack so that the flotation body, mixing section and control cabinet will be next to each other. Therefore, it is crucial to connect all pipe connections and electrical lines properly. The customer was particularly interested in this to work as efficiently as possible on site.

The vegetable processing company first sent a wastewater sample to PPU. This was analysed by the in-house laboratory for all dissolved and non-dissolved contaminant loads. Thereupon, the ClearFox® engineers offered a flotation plant and based it on the wastewater analyses. This way, the customer can be sure to get a highly efficient and long-lasting wastewater treatment system.

The client already had a flotation plant on site, but it was getting on in years and could no longer meet the required discharge values. The company built a fining pond on the site into which the treated wastewater can flow. This has no outlet, which is why the wastewater seeps into it and thus feeds the groundwater table.

The ClearFox® DAF is an ideal solution for wastewater treatment in vegetable processing

The ClearFox® DAF is an outstanding solution for the food and beverage industry. It removes dissolved and non-dissolved substances with an efficiency of up to 99 per cent. Therefore, the customer chose a ClearFox® DAF. Via a polymer station, the system adds flocculants to the wastewater and binds the dissolved and non-dissolved substances. Thanks to ultra-fine bubbles, these rise and separate as sludge from the clear water.

ClearFox training of DAF control unit
ClearFox training at PPU

The ClearFox® DAF is suitable for installation in a container as well as for integration into the company’s own circulation system. The wastewater can thus flow directly from the point of origin into the flotation plant. Depending on the requirements, after treatment the wastewater is either suitable for discharge into a receiving water body, for transfer to a municipal sewage treatment plant or for reuse in the company’s own water cycle. PPU supports each customer in the design of their individual wastewater treatment solution.

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