Poultry meat processing wastewater treatment

Poultry meat is one of the most popular meats worldwide. In the USA and Europe in particular, chicken, turkey, duck and goose are on the menu. The advantages are obvious: the meat is often particularly lean and rich in nutrients. Nevertheless, poultry meat processing produces wastewater that must not be allowed to flow into the environment without treatment.

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ClearFox® poultry meat processing system

Poultry meat processing is gaining strongly in importance

Poultry meat is so popular because it is considered much healthier than red meat from pigs or cattle. It is particularly lean and rich in protein, zinc and iron. In recent years, there has been an increasing awareness of consuming meat from animals that have been allowed to enjoy a life in free-range conditions. Today, consumers are happy to spend a little more money on this. The rearing also influences the quality of the meat.

Leading nutritionists recommend reducing meat consumption to three times a week. This should include poultry meat at least once. Experts recommend breast meat. Since the animals need the breast muscles to fly, this area of the body is particularly well trained and thus low in fat. The thighs of the animals consist of numerous small muscles that are only separated by a very thin layer of fat. While the fat content of chicken meat is close to zero, the protein content peaks at 25 grams per 100 grams of meat. That is why athletes like to eat poultry meat.

Cleaning is important at every step of the poultry meat processing

Nevertheless, the poultry meat processing produces wastewater that must not flow into the environment without treatment. Poultry meat processing plants often prepare the individual components directly for the trade. They separate breast, back and leg directly at the actual slaughter. Since the plants process raw meat, hygiene is particularly crucial. Constant cleaning with running water is a main component of poultry meat processing.

As a result, mainly fats, oils, urine and blood mix into the wastewater. The ClearFox® DAF – a flotation unit – removes almost all suspended matter. Flocculation aids bind them, and the flotation discharges them upwards via a cone opening. The ClearFox® FBBR and SBR technologies are two biological processes that treat the dissolved substances in wastewater. The fixed bed consists of net tubes on which microorganisms settle that convert the dissolved substances in the wastewater into secondary sludge. This creates a clear water zone. The Sequential Batch Reactor aerates the wastewater at regular intervals. This causes the microorganisms in the wastewater to grow and break down the dissolved substances.

Containerized wastewater treatment for poultry meat processing

ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants are already in use in over 50 countries. For industrial wastewater treatment, the installation in ISO sea containers has proven itself. This makes the solutions modular and mobile. If necessary, they can be expanded and moved to another location. The ClearFox® team pre-installs the container systems at the main plant. This makes them easy to transport and reduces the installation time on site to a minimum. The ClearFox® treatment plants are particularly suitable for wastewater treatment in the poultry meat processing.

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